Monday, June 6, 2011

Epic Nail Polish Collection Post!

Even though my make-up collection was nothing compared to Mags' *cough* some people's, I realised a while ago that I was buying a lot of stuff that I didn't need and/or never used. So these days when it comes to skincare and basics like foundation, concealer and mascara I try to just buy new stuff when I need it. Not very exciting or beauty blogger-ish I know. However, my weaknesses are cream and gel blushers.... and nail polish. Yes, I do have a bit of a penchant for nail polish. I just can't resist anything a bit new, a bit different, a bit shimmery, a bit glittery. Especially a bit glittery.

To the collection!

This is what I could gather up this morning... I have nail polish all over the place, there's probably some more in my parent's house, on my desk & in my locker in work, in the car, etc. etc. This lot has been accumulated over a couple of years.

So I've taken some pics of the polishes, organised mainly by brand. Let's start with OPI. I bought most of these from good aul eBay.

L-R That's Hot Pink, La Paz-itively Hot (Matte), Charged Up Cherry, Teenage Dream, Pink of Hearts.

L-R Done out in Deco, On Stage (Sephora by OPI), A Grape Fit!, Plugged-in Plum, Lincolm Park at Midnight.

L-R Met on the Internet, Bright Lights-Big Color, Strawberry Margarita [I think this is the first OPI I ever bought and I actually liked it so much I bought a back up - it's such a gorgeous summery colour], Back to the Beach Peach, Designer Series DS Couture OO4 [this looks nothing in the bottle but it's an amazing peachy holographic colour]

L-R Midnight in Moscow, Pretty at the Premiere, Got the Blues for Red, Seasons Screenings, Dear Santa [My default Christmas colour]

L-R The Thrill of Brazil, Opening Night (Sephora by OPI), Bring on the Bling, Long on to Love, [the infamous] Metro Chic (Sephora by OPI)

On to China Glaze...

L-R Sugar Plums, Ruby Pumps, Ruby Deer, Prize Winning Mare, High Hopes, Flyin' High


L-R Electric Teal, Venus Was Her Name [this is a pretty good dupe for Chanel Paradoxal], Feather Boa, Fishnets and Fringe.


L-R Midnight Affair, One Perfect Coral, Tropical Temptation, Minted.

Butter London

HRH & Thames [both gorgeous metallic jewel colours]


L-R Bermuda Shorts, Short Shorts, Jumpin Junkanoo, California Coral

L-R Sugar Daddy, Ballet Slippers, Pink Glove Service, Haute as Hello [bought this one after I saw Lorraine Stanick wearing it... now that is a girl who's nail polish collection I'd like to have a root through]

Nails Inc.

I like Nails Inc. polishes but I think they're really over priced, hence mine are mostly freebies or sale bargains.

L-R Chelsea Square, Electric Avenue, Park Lane

These are some of the shades that were free with Diet Coke in Boots :-) L-R New York, Denim, Milan, London.

Savile Row & Randolf Avenue


L-R Black Cherries, Grey Matter, Flying High [totes a rip off of the China Glaze one!]


L-R 311, 951, 903, 207

American Apparel

L-R Peacock, L'Esprit, Malibu Green [Malibu Green stains like a mother]

Barry M

L-R Instant Nail Effects 311 (black shatter), Turquoise, Blueberry, Mint Green, Spring Green


L-R So Lacque! Bleu Violet, Vernis d'Eau in Cassis [This is probably my oldest polish - I sought it out on eBay after I used up the first bottle I had & it was discontinued. It's a gorgeous transparent pink wash], So Lacque! Rose Lounge.


These were sent to us by NYC to try out, and I'm really impressed by them, especially given their low price - great value.

L-R Carrie'd Away, Gramercy Glitz, Sidewalkers, Spring Street.


L-R Ruby Slippers [a great dupe for OPI Dear Santa, not as dark as China Glaze Ruby Slippers], Mirror Shine Gold Foil, Mirror Shine Metallic Mauve.


L-R No7 Poolside Blue, Models Own Nude Beige, Chanel Black Satin, Illamasqua Purity

Last but not least, my one and only Zoya

I actually forgot to snap this with the other randoms but think kinda deserves a photo of its own as it's one of my favourite polishes. It's an absolutely gorgeous emerald green glitter but the glitter is smooth, not chunky. I'm actually surprised at myself for not getting more of the polishes from the collection this polish came in - they're all beautiful.

Zoya Ivanka

Phew, c'est tout!

I was going to swatch each and every one but as my nails are in bits as it is, they probably would have fallen out with the trauma of it all. Also, it would have taken me an age. If there are any you would like to see a swatch of, or a NOTD post on, just shout :-)

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