Sunday, June 12, 2011

Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat - Euro is prime for rip off

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I bought quite a few Laura Mercier items.  I have seen a few YouTube videos where people have talked about the Eye Basics in Wheat.  Eye Basics are eye primers that you can get in a number of colours.

When I was getting my makeup done the girl used "Wheat" and I was delighted because that is the one that I had heard about.  As you can see on my skin it basically looks like a concealer.

Blended out there is a slight sheen, I have been wearing this every day since I bought it.  I have been enjoying using it and it does exactly what it is supposed to.  The other day I checked my receipt and saw that the price of this was €30.00. THIRTY FREAKING EURO FOR AN EYE PRIMER.  I couldn't believe it.  Why did I pay that much for a primer, I mean its a nice primer but THIRTY EURO.  Laura Mercier should wear a balaclava and a shotgun - daylight robbery-.  I decided to have a little look on the Laura Mercier website to see if she did indeed wear a balaclava (she doesn't) and noticed that the Eye Basics are $24.00 hmmmm so that would convert to about €17.00 even with our outrageous sales tax it should probably at most be about €20.00, so why are we being charged €30.00??  I do want to support Irish Shops but when the prices are this high I just can not.  I understand that this is probably a Euro wide price but it drives me BONKERS that we are getting ripped off all the time.  Laura Mercier I bid you adieu. 

Do any companies drive you mad with their pricing, Is Euro the worst zone to be in price wise... Lets talk this out..
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