Monday, June 13, 2011

Catrice Lipstick

Have you ever gotten something into your head, you're not quite sure where it came from but it has been floating around there for a while?  I think may be all the talk of Orange being "the" colour of Spring/Summer 2011 but I got it into my head that I wanted an orange lipstick and I didnt want to fork out on MAC's Morange.  I was going to go with Barry M (as it is my new BFF in the bargain makeup stakes) but after a conversation on Twitter with Claire  I thought I would check out Catrice.

Fancy or what??  I happen to think that these look very swish and high end, the have a nice click when you close them too which is always nice.  For me they win the award of best budget beauty lipstick package.

I got the Ultimate Colour in 060 Oh Juicy! and 050 Princess Peach. 

Oh Juicy has a little more colour in it and Princess Peach is about as close to a nude as I can or want to go.  They are creamy and comfortable on the lips.  There is a slight fragrance to the lipsticks that may annoy some people but it rather reminds me or high end brands.  So what was the damage?? €4.99. Brilliant price and since Catrice is stocked in Dunnes and Penney's you can throw it in with the shopping.

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