Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nars the Multiple, Laguna

I decided to stop buying makeup for lent, it was really a money saving exercise more that anything spiritual and I have to say it was as difficult as giving up any addiction.  After lent was over I went to Brown Thomas where they had the new Nars Summer Collection, I had one of those blurry moments where I couldn't remember what happened but the next moment my gift voucher and a good deal of cash were gone and I was left in a slightly euphoric state with a small bag of make up.  I literally got a little high.  One of the products that I bought was Nars the Multiple in Laguna which is "new" and as far as I know "Limited Edition" (both statements that set my make up addiction off the charts).

Ahhh what a beautiful colour, it looks all exotic and pretty.  I love the easy application of this product I literally swipe this (Adam Ant style) across my cheeks and lash a bit on my forehead concentrating along the hairline for that authentic sun kissed look.  When I originally swatched this I thought that it would be a bit too dark for my skin, I am not a fan of fake tan (but I love a bit of bronzer) and I didn't want this to look too fake.

As you can see this blends out really easily to a nice shimmery bronze, it would look absolutely perfect if the sun would shine a little.  It is a lovely product to use and it will last ages, I have a few of the Multiples and this one is the creamiest.

So whats the damage?  This cost €41.00 in Brown Thomas.... steep I know but I do think it is a product I would repurchase.  You can also buy Nars products from ASOS and it costs £29 here which is about €33.00 (I think you get a better deal going through Sterling as if you pick Euro it costs €37.18) the fact that ASOS offer free delivery to Ireland and often have money off codes make this a tempting option. Space NK also sell Nars and have a new loyalty card.
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