Friday, July 1, 2011

Boots No 7 Vouchers

I feel like Boots No 7 Vouchers are a commitment, I have to spend them, its not that I don't want to but I feel compelled to spend them.  Are you like this?  I had two recently here is what I picked up.

I always pick up the No7 Face wipes in my opinion these are the best face wipes out there, they are always moist (no dry ones at the end of the packet) and remove makeup gently and without effort.   Recently I have been making an effort to properly cleanse but these will always come in handy.

Next I got the No 7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser which I read about or saw in a YouTube video and it stuck in my head. So far so good.  It has a nice natural coverage which covers redness and blemishes but allows skin to breath and look natural.  With the voucher this cost me about €8.00.
Since they are doing the rounds at the moment, what have you picked up with your No & Vouchers?
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