Monday, July 11, 2011

Stila Returns to Ireland....I welcomed it back personally


I am a huge Stila fan (this may be a slight understatement when you see my Stila Collection). I used to spend ages at the Stila counter in Brown Thomas (probably unknowingly elbowing Karen out of the way) happily getting makeovers and buying up their collections.  There was a magical time when Stila was right beside Pout (let us have a minutes silence for Pout).  I love the Stila girls that are on their packaging and the products are wonderful.  I was horrified when they pulled out of Ireland.  During a recent twitter conversation I discovered that Stila were set to make a welcome return to Ireland.  WOO HOO.  The stalker in me found out the exact day (Wednesday 6th July) and where (Boots Liffey Valley) so off I skipped to Boots, but no Stila :(.  I asked the girl at the Benefit Counter and she very kindly found out that they were putting Stila in overnight and she would ring me in the morning if it arrived.  I went to the cinema to see Bridesmaids and when we came out I spied into the closed Boots to see men at work (see, stalker). Stila was making a return.  The next morning I got the call to say that the stand was in place and fully stocked (no testers) so off I skipped once again.

I picked up the One Step Bronzer, to be honest I kinda thought this might be a bit gimmicky because of the HELIX  (imagine X-Factor voice) but I am loving it and I will do a separate review.  It cost €31.00. I was concerned that we might be ripped of with the Euro pricing but as this costs $36.00 it's not really too bad.

I had my eye on the Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liners (they are similar to liners that Illamasqua and Mac recently brought out but sparkly and therefore better); they cost €18.00 and have a subtle shimmer. I picked up Bora Bora which I think you will agree is beautiful.  The liner lasts all day and stays vibrant, some of the colours that I swatched on my hand didn't seem to last as long but this swatch lasted ages and they stay put on your eyes.

As I said before I am a sucker for the Stila packaging and as part of the summer collection they have brought out beach pallets where each Stila girl goes to a different location on her holidays. These have four eye shadows, a cheek colour and a highlighter (or 2 cheek colours) and instructions on how to apply.  These cost €12.00  yeah that's right TWELVE EURO... (they were marked on the stand €13.00 but came up €12.00 on the till).  I had initially picked up 2 but had to go back for another one (I am greedy like that).

 Above Haute in the Hamptons, Wonderful in Waikiki and Living the Life in Laguna

 Haute In the Hamptons : Instructions (mirror is above instructions)
  Haute In the Hamptons : Eye shadows
  Haute In the Hamptons : Cheek Colours
 Wonderful in Waikiki: Instructions
  Wonderful in Waikiki: Eye shadows
  Wonderful in Waikiki: Cheek Colours
 Living the Life in Laguna: Instructions
Living the Life in Laguna:  Eye Shadows
 Living the Life in Laguna:  Cheek Colours

The girls were putting the testers in as I was there, I was taking pictures to tweet so the staff think I am a bit weird (if a restraining order comes in the post I will not be surprised), but we had a great chat about the brand and the different Stila Products.

If you fancy a bit of a nose at Stila check out their website.  Stila is also available from HQ Hair and Beautybay.  Will you be getting anything from Stila? Pin It
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