Monday, July 18, 2011

Avon Super Shock Mascara

I have been loving Avon Super Shock Mascara of late, I actually bought this a while ago and when I initially looked at the wand I got scared. It was massive, well not really massive but I have little tiny eyes and the wand was a whopper.

As you can see the wand pretty much covers my whole eye, so I discarded this mascara for a while. The wand is a plastic wand.

My eyelashes are not one of the wonders of the world.  I have about 3 of them and they are short, but on a positive note they are naturally curly.

 Please note the laughter lines although I am not laughing

Ta Da... Look how fanned out and full my lashes look, and it really lengthens the lashes.  This mascara makes me look like I have actual eyelashes. I love it. Even though the wand is really big compared to my (tiny) eyes it coats the all the lashes.  I hear that there is a new Avon Super Shock Max about to be launched.... THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY.

So Avon where can I get it you ask? Duh, from the Avon Lady. If you have no local Avon Lady you can now order online from here.  Brill or what? Pin It
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