Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nars Orgasm Blusher Dupe: Sleek Rose Gold

You all know about Nars Orgasm blusher - it's one of those makeup products that reached cult status years ago. I jumped on that band wagon, bought one, loved it, used it all up, bought another. It's a gorgeous peachy pink shade with gold shimmer.  I also got the Multiple (love it), and the Illuminator (REALLY disappointing). 

When I saw Sleek's Rose Gold blusher, the first thing that came into my head was "Orgasm!" but I had to wait 'til today (when I found my Orgasm blusher, I swear to God there is a black hole full of makeup somewhere in my apartment) to do a proper comparison. And they compare pretty well. 

They look quite different in the pan - the Sleek definitely looks darker and with more gold glitter/shimmer. However, when swatched, I think they're pretty identical. 

Light Swatch - Nars Orgasm on top, Sleek Rose Gold on bottom.
Heavier Swatch - Nars Orgasm on top, Sleek Rose Gold on bottom.

What do you think?

Nars blushers are available from Brown Thomas, priced at around €30, or you can get them online from ASOS for £20.50 or €26.28 (it's usually better value to shop in Sterling on ASOS).

Sleek Rose Gold is available online from Sleek priced €6.00, but shipping to Ireland is currently a whopping €9.00, so it's probably only worth your while if you're buying a few things. Irish site Beauty Emporium also stock Sleek, they don't have Rose Gold at the moment but should have it in stock next week.* Their shipping is a much more reasonable €2.00.

*Thanks to Claire for this nugget of info! Pin It
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