Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stila Collection

I have a big love for Stila... Big love.. during recent conversations I have been baptised by Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits as "Stila Freak" (to be sung to the music of Super Freak). I am sure after reading this post that you will all agree with her.  Most of these items are limited edition as I discovered Stila in about 1998 or 1999 and have been collecting it ever since, yes I say collecting, Stila has always released innovating, interesting and pretty products that you just want to touch and use.  So beware this is a lot of makeup, but I have been collecting it for years (I will be an old lady who lives in her makeup traincase).

One of Stila's stand out products are their Lip Glazes - these are wind up lip glosses which come in a plethora of different colours/flavours,  each lip glaze smells like the colour it describes so the apricot smells like apricot, the grapefruit smells like grapefruit (I am getting a little Willie Wonka here but you know where I am going).  You can see there are a few different lip products mixed in there too.

Stila has done some amazing collaborations over the years, the first of these I picked up were the Legally Blonde Pallets.  As you can see they have also collaborated with The Royal Ballet and The Pussycat Dolls two groups that are very different but yet somehow Stila manages to fit both of them.  Stila manges to combine the sexy and sultry with the sweet and girly.

Here are some various smudge pots, lip treatments and eyeshadow mousses

My lovely Barbie palette and one of last years travel palettes (I had to get this off eBay) resting in my Stila train case.

I love my Stila paint cans which I use to hold makeup brushes, a few of the sets I have, have included Stila makeup brushes and these are great quality.  You can also see some of my Convertible Cheek Colours.  The Convertible Cheek colours are one of my favourite Stila products.  You can use them on your cheeks or lips but in all honesty I only use them on my cheeks.  They leave a beautiful cream colour on your cheeks that can be subtle or built up to be more intense. Stila have a number of multi use products, "clever cosmetics" if you like that are multiuse, this in my opinion gives you better value for money.

Stila's collections are great - they have different collections with different colours (although a lot of them contain Kitten) and different packaging that evokes something - you can feel Autumn from the Autumn collections, the winter collections are always perfect for Christmas parties.  A lot of the packaging features the cute Stila Girl that drew me to the brand initially. Another thing I love about Stila packaging is that they often have quotes inside the box, the quotes are often by famous women and are empowering and meaningful which I think is a lovely touch.

Magical Stila box where I keep at lot of my Stila goodies, I got the box one Christmas (from eBay as they didn't sell this here even though we had Stila at the time). It was jam packed with Stila goodies.  Stila were very good at having sets that were in very pretty usable makeup bags and there was a set I got in a train case (also pictured). 

Here is a little bit more .... I know I have a problem ...but its so pretty.
Stila used to sell eye shadow pans which you put in pallets as far as I can see from their new stand they don't seem to do this anymore.

I love convertible cheek colours here are a few more.
Here are some of Stilas fabulous cheek duos, these are a great idea you can mix the colours or pick just one.  There are also some smudge pots which you can use as a liner or an all over eye colour.  The Barbie one winks at you (I am a sucker for things like that)
My brilliant cousin sent me over this set from America, she knew I love Stila and cant get my hands on it anymore.
My beloved Stila collaboration with the musical Wicked, this came with a sparkle cream (I can't bring myself to use it) and a Glinda lipstick (which is floating around my makeup bag).  Stila used to bring out a product every year for breast cancer awareness.

I know I have a few lip glosses or lipsticks floating around my makeup bag or handbags.  What am I missing here?  The eagle eyed out there will notice that I don't have a Kitten eyeshadow, Stila's standout shade I have had a number of these over the years but have used them up, it is so soft it's like butter.

If you have any questions on the many (many) products above just leave a comment :)

So what do you think, should I be committed or what?  Are you a Stila Freak or am I on my own?
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