Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleek I Divine Oh So Special

When I went to the UK I had a list of Sleek products to get, we wanted to get the Mediterranean collection for our giveaway and Rose Gold blush was right up there along with the contour kit (pretty much any product that we had seen Pixiwoo using).   When I was in Superdrug there was a lone palette called Oh So Special, I had never heard of it and since there were not that many other palettes in stock I though "ah sure why not".  It turns out I was quite lucky as this is a brand spanking newly released palette. (That is what I get for lurking around the stand when they were trying to re brand it...they may have needed to put up new shelves...I needed some makeup).  The colours in this palette are incredibly pretty and girly.  When you go left to right they get a little more daring and in your face.  There are twelve colours in the palette and there's an inlay with names for each shadow.
(Sorry for the grotty nail)

This palette has a number of matte colours which are Bow, Pamper, The Mail and Noir.  The lighter shades do not swatch very well and I was initially thinking I had made a bit of a schoolboy error in just grabbing any old palette.  The Mail being the worst of the bunch was not even nice to swatch and barely registered on my skin; this is definitely not a colour that I would gravitate towards.  My disappointment disappeared the moment I swatched Organza, it is a pretty golden pink.

Organza, Giftbasket, Glitz and Celebrate are reason alone to buy this very pretty palette - they are, for me, the standout colours.  The shadows are for the most part very pigmented. I had to scrub my arms to get the shadows off but be warned there can be some fall out as the shadows are so soft (when I swatched the matt black some of it came off onto my top so be careful - it was a white top).  The shadows lasted all day on my lids over a primer. I have gone from initially being unimpressed and thinking it was a bit MEH to being madly in love. What do you think?
Here is a very quick natural day look I did with Organza and Celebrate (sorry I forgot to take a picture with my eyes closed) but as you can see this is very natural and light, as the colours are so pigmented you can easily build them up for a more intense look.
You can buy Sleek from Superdrug (it is a bit of a nightmare to be honest as it's often sold out (or really badly stocked I am not sure which) you can also buy Sleek directly from their website but be warned shipping costs to Ireland are a bit spendy.

Alternatively and the best in my opinion for Irish customers is to visit Beauty Emporium's website which has a €2.00 flat rate for shipping to Ireland and €3.00 flat rate for UK Shipping (they are working on European shipping as we speak).
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