Monday, August 1, 2011

MAC Surf Baby and Big Bounce

I have lovely friends. Besides them being a great laugh they also know what I like (can you tell what it is yet?) so for my birthday I got some lovely makeup goodies.  I am a bit late doing this post so some of these may no longer be available but I thought that you would like a little look.  First up is Crushed Metal Pigments in 'Surf the Ocean'.  As you can see these are pigments but with a metallic look (hence the name). There is a lovely vibrant gold, a smokey gunmetal, a silver and a green silver.  The gold and the gunmetal are the most vibrant and are beautiful summery shades.

Next, let's have a little nose at Big Bounce in 'Rich Thrills'. It says it's a shadow but it's a cream mousse texture.  The colour is a grayish with a hint of purple.  I have oily lids so I was quite sceptical about how this would last on my lids.  When use Rich Thrills I put a dark purple shadow on top to set and the shades stay in place.

Finally we have a lip glass in 'Strange Potion'. This colour was previously released with the Venomous Villains collection.  Normally I like intense lip colours (hot pink anyone) but I am really loving this coral /peach colour for all the sunny days we are having in Ireland haha (please somebody inform the sun that its Summer and Ireland is overdue a visit). It has a nice relaxed natural vibe to it.

Did anybody pick up anything from Surf Baby or from the Big Bounce collection?
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