Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Lanolips is one of those products that is on my beauty list (that I keep filed haphazardly in my head).  It has been doing the rounds on a few English blogs and YouTubers and having lips that would make the Sahara look like paradise, I am always on the hunt for something that works.  I asked (the mother ship) on Twitter was it available in Ireland and the people at Lanolips were a bit vague on the matter - it was a lip product mystery (Lanolips' website now say that its available in Boots Liffey Valley, Jervis Street and Omni).  Last week Laura from All Made up 21 tweeted that she had picked up Lanolips from Boots in Jervis Street  . SCORE.  On my trip into town to pick up my Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Collection (check out the post its amazing... the product is amazing not the post ) and meet Claire from In Claireness Now Fair for coffee, I picked one up.  Lanolips costs €11.50 - to me this is very expensive for a lip product but it is along similar pricing lines to Kiehls. 

Here is what Lanolips have to say....

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid is an ultra rich and creamy whipped lanolin lip treatment with organic lemon oil to naturally exfoliate, leaving lips fresh, soft and moist.
The citric acid in the organic lemon oil acts as a natural exfoliator on dry, dead skin; when applied there may be a slight tingling on the lips as it works.
Containing over 70% of Lanolips exclusive Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin, Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid offers a natural high gloss, hydrating lip ointment with a hint of shimmer for a healthy sheen.

What is this magical substance lanolin which makes the product amazing?? Lanolin is wax that is produced by lamb's wool.  Lets think about this for a minute... lanolin is basically sheep's greasy hair residue.  Now before we all get freaked out (lets face it we are all a little freaked out right now) lanolin is used in tons of lip products so we probably already have it on our lips and you know what Cleopatra never said "Do you know what that eyeliner is made of??  Get that muck away from my face...Ill go natural".

I have a gripe with the application, its not ideal for applying directly onto lips.

The product has a pleasant lemon taste and to me its texture is reminiscent of the Benefit two step lip programme (as opposed to Benefit's 12 step programme which of course is Makeup Addicts Anonymous).  There is a slight shimmer to the product but it's very subtle.  It is long lasting and pleasant on the lips (once you get over the whole sheep's greasy hair thing).

Here is a cute little picture of a sheep... are we feeling better about sheep yet?  Look she has lovely long eye lashes.  There was another version available in Boots which was €14.50 I don't know what special sheep this lanolin was taken from to deserve the higher price tag (Dolly the sheep perhaps).

Here it is on my lips (along with a few spots....for your viewing pleasure).

This product has me thinking ...remember when you were younger and you used to make shampoo out of rose petals? which was basically Eau de Decaying Vegetation?  Well we could make our own lip gloss, just get a little pot then wait for your hair to build up a bit of grease.  Between your home made perfume and lip gloss you would be only smashing.

All messing aside I do actually like this product (once I got over the whole greasy sheep thing) it leaves my lips pleasantly moisturised and does exactly what it says on the tin. I have grown very fond of that little sheep.
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