Tuesday, August 23, 2011


With all my recent excitement over Stila's return to Ireland and TK Maxx bargains I completely forgot that I had picked up some goodies from Catrice. Catrice is a great German make up brand that is brilliant value. It can usually be found in Dunnes Stores and Penneys and yes it is most definitely Penneys prices.  I picked up a cream cheek tint in Tigerlilly for €3.50. This is reminiscent (ie a total copy) of a Nars Multiple.  The product is slightly chunkier and not as smooth as a Nars Multiple but you're not paying Nars prices (which for us in the Eurozone are mad money)

Sure how could I say no to a hot pink for €4.50? That's right, I couldn't, so I got the Ultimate Colour lipstick in 110 Pink Me Up.  I love Catrice lipsticks. They have a slight scent which reminds me of higher end brands but I have noticed that the lipstick's shape is really weird and pointy. Has anybody else noticed this?

Finally a Lip Designer Lip liner in Soft Fuchsia that was €2.50. There has been great talk about these on YouTube. They have a nifty lip brush on the other end. 

Has anybody tried Catrice? What do you think?
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