Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garnier BB Cream

So there is big fuss over BB creams right now. If you're a YouTube fan you will see that everybody is trying them out.  What are BB creams? Well they were developed to aid women who have just had plastic surgery so they are filled with goodness that heals skin, have high SPFs to prevent damage and a tint which gives some coverage.  Some creams have a whitening aspect to them which I was initially a bit concerned over but I think it is to lighten scars as opposed to whitening your whole face.  When I picked this up I gave it to Sile and she thought it was very light coverage and that you would need great skin for it. Simone from Simonelovesmakeup thinks it's high coverage. Sile is currently using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which pretty much makes everything else look light and Simone is a makeup artist with tons of experience. So who is right?
The cream is thick, really thick and it is fragranced, really fragranced, so much so that I when I smelled my hand I wasn't sure if it was the perfume I had sprayed or the cream.  When you apply the product to your face you don't really notice the fragrance that much but if you hate fragranced products AVOID.

When I first applied the cream I thought that it was like a thick tinted moisturiser.  Despite the thickness the product feels light.  I have been wearing it for a couple of weeks now and to be honest I am not loving it.  I love when you can't feel a product on your skin and it feels like your skin is breathing and your skin looks like skin. On a good day my skin can cope with a tinted moisturiser and concealer for the odd spot and my epic dark circles - that is why I thought this would be perfect.  Unfortunately for me it is far from perfect.  The product seems to wear off well before the end of the day it doesn't really blend easily and you can't build it up.  Although the cream doesn't feel heavy and you initially can't feel the product on your skin, I find that on me it leaves a greasy residue and I look like I am a greasy shiny mess.  Since I don't have oily skin and if anything my skin can be dehydrated (not dry or flaky) this product would be a nightmare for those with oily skin (it's horrible on dehydrated skin). I love dewy skin but I don't like dip your head in a fryer skin.  I have also developed a few whopper spots on my chin, I am not saying that they are specifically from this product (perhaps they are from the Domino's Pizza I had on Saturday with cookies for afters mmmm).
Forehead (looks like a five head from here) with nothing on it, I promise I have washed and moisturised it and as you can see a few (ahem) blemishes.
As you can see it does cover the blemishes and the major shine has not arrived yet.
There is a little chart on the back indicating the age for which the product is suited,  BB creams were invented for women who have just had plastic surgery so would this not be an slightly older market? I find it funny because my mam for example has very good skin and doesn't like to wear anything heavy and I think this product would be suited to her skin, older skin tends to be slightly dryer so it might benefit from any oiliness so have they missed a target audience? Also the picture is funny and perhaps a little ageist Garnier ... does one burst into flames when you reach 60?
This gets a thumbs down from me. Have you tried it? What do you think of BB creams?  I have the Illamasqua Skin Base - a review is coming soon. Pin It
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