Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Battle of the Eyeliners

If you have read my post from the other day you know that I love a bit of tight lining (to clarify, on my eyes not just randomly drawing lines). I thought I would show you some of the products that I use.

Mac Feline Kohl Power (top)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero (middle)
Avon Super shock (bottom).
I decided to give each liner one swipe (like Eminem gets one shot... its like a rap competition but for eyeliners each had one shot/swipe to impress us with their blackness and lasting power).

Avon, Urban Decay and Mac.
As you can see Avon is the most pigmented and blackest followed by Urban Decay and MAC's cult favourite Feline is lagging far behind. 

I decided to let the liners sit for a minute and see how much they would smudge (its great to be able to smudge a liner when you're initially working with it but after a while smudging is just smudging and its going to end up all over your face).  As you can see there is not that much smudging with Avon, the most is with Urban Decay and MAC's smudge is as dense as the initial line.  
This is what is left after I went and scrubbed my arm with a muslin cloth and water (no cleanser) - you can probably see the red marks from scrubbing.  Urban Decay lasts the longest.
So what do I think the results of the challenge?
MAC's Feline is often touted as a must-have product that sells out the minute its limited edition bum is back on the shelf but for me it doesn't cut the mustard. It always smudges on me and manages to fall down (onto my already dark circles I mean its not as if they need any help) and as we have seen above it's not even that pigmented. This is a product that is languishing mostly unused in my collection.

Urban Decay's Zero is a brilliant liner - it's pigmented and long lasting for me, in fact it can be a little too long lasting and I often wake up in the morning with residue still on my eyes (after removing it the night before).  I love a long lasting product but I don't want to literally scrub my eyes to remove the product.

The clear winner for me is Avon Supershock. It's pigmented, long lasting and affordable.  I reach for it everyday and it's a staple in my makeup bag.

Avon is available from your local representative or online from Avonshoponline.

What is your favourite liner?
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