Monday, September 12, 2011

Avon Super SHOCK MAX

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in love, and it's with a mascara.  As you know I spoke before about my love for Avon Supershock Mascara and I was delighted when I was sent Avon SuperSHOCK MAX to try.  I initially thought how are they going to beat the original Supershock, it's great, can't be beaten.  I was wrong.  The brush is a plastic wand and the bristles are laid out in a helix formation (I am a sucker for anything helix).  I noticed about the brush that it's softer on the lashes than other plastic wands (I am generally not a fan of plastic wands).  You know sometimes when you're applying your mascara with a plastic wand you can hear the wand scrape through your lashes (please tell me this is not just me)  - this doesn't happen with "The MAX" (as I will be calling it); the wand is gentle on the lashes.

The mascara has a plumping complex and Avon says it adds 15x the volume of natural lashes (I haven't measured this exactly but I'll take their word on it).  I have sensitive eyes that the slightest breeze will make tear up but the hypoallergenic formula means my eyes are happy and tear free. 

The MAX really lengthens  my short, stubby curly lashes but what I am loving is the fact that the length stays all day, some mascaras give length when you first apply it but as the day goes on the mascara crumbles and you find the length has disappeared.  The MAX does not let me down like this the length stays put all day and my lashes are not spikey and crispy.   Lets have a little before and after.

(Please excuse my mismatched foundation its Chanel Vitalumiere in 30 in case you're wondering and it is a perfect colour if I have seen the sun but since the sun didn't visit us this summer it looks ridiculously dark on me- because at the moment it is too dark for me)

I don't know about you but I am impressed.  When I heard about the new Benefit mascara I was a little tempted to buy it until I applied The Max, I don't have to spend masses of money on a mascara when Avon offers an amazing mascara at an affordable price.  I have a couple of mascaras floating around at the moment - they range from high end to affordable but I reach for The MAX to use every day.  So the big question is would I buy this/repurchase the product?  Hell yeah the only thing that would stop me from buying this is if Avon release Super Dooper Shock Max (cause I would have to give that a go)

You can get your hands on The Max from your local Avon Representative and I will be picking up my next one online from Avon Shop Online. where it is currently available for €8.00.
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