Monday, September 26, 2011

Camomile ..oh so soothing

Taking Sile’s advice in a previous blog I headed into The Body Shop after years of dismissing the place (I think I still have about 3 Body Shop gift baskets under the sink in my mam’s house). After Siles review of the Body Shop Nutriganics Softening cleansing gel I decided to give it a go and I though it was great (Thanks Sile). But while I was in there I also noticed the Camomile Waterproof Eye Make-Up remover which piqued my interest. So after liking the cleanser so much I took another trip in to get it. So happy that I did. It's described as “A rich and creamy lotion specially formulated to very gently yet effectively remove all traces of waterproof and long-lasting make-up, leaving the delicate skin around the eye area feeling soft, smooth and soothed. Alcohol, colour and fragrance free.”

I have sensitive eyes and can find a lot of cleansers make them sting a little, but this one didn’t even make my eyes water. I do love to pile on the auld eyeshadow on a night out ( I blame the urban decay book of shadows, too many lovely shadows and not enough eye lid to wear them all…but I try). By the end of the night my eye make-up is a little worse for wear and a quick swipe with this cleanser and I am good for bed. I even found I could rub this right into my lash line to take off liner and mascara and not even the slightest sting. With most eye cleansers I do find that after I get the make up off I have to re-wash with water as I don’t like leaving a trace of the product on my eyes as it irritates them but this is so soothing that I didn’t have to.

All in all loving this product and when I bought it the sales girl gave me a sample of a moisturising day cream which I may have to investigate further. May even take another look at those gift baskets under my mams sink. Has anyone else tried any of the Body Shops products lately? Pin It
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