Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A little bit of Nars - All over my face

I am on a shopping ban.... there I said it, it's out there.  So why am I bringing you news of Nars goodness?  Loophole. You gotta love a loophole.  Last week I got my make up done at Nars with an International Artist. It cost €40.00 which was redeemable against purchases (you see I was paying for the service not the makeup...loophole).
Nars to me is like the young hip pretender to Chanel's classically chic throne, sometimes they get it right and sometimes... well they don't (the same can be said for all brands though).  When I am getting my make up done at an event I like to look at the other people that are getting their makeup done, after all these events are usually selling a new makeup collection and everybody could come out looking like clones of each other.  When I spoke to my artist we decided to do simple classic eyes and vibrant lips (the last girl he had made up had heavy smokey eyes). Oui I said... slap it on me.

I told the artist that I LOVE the Night Life Shadows (glitter shadows) but they never come out on my eyes like they do on the pan.... you must use a primer and press, press, press the shadow onto the lid.  I  learned that the people who work at Nars have problems learning the names of the colours (they are human just like us), I also learned that Nars foundation is supposed to be applied with your fingers (I didn't tell him that I don't like Sheer Glow- it's almost a makeup sin to admit). 

What I loved about the process: he took his time, he explained all the steps and showed me what he was doing, he used 1 shadow - some brands like to use 372 different shades of shadow meaning you can never really recreate the look (MAC I am looking at you).

What I didn't love about the process: I felt under pressure to buy more products, the big sell was happening and had me in its sights.....
Do you have concealer?
(me) yes...
do you have the right colour concealer?
ehhh feck off...
He did this with every product.

Here is what I bought.. Eye shadow Night Star, Pure Matte Lipstick Vesuvio, Long Wear Eyeliner - Via Appia
The Long Wear Eyeliners wind up (so you don't have to pare them) but they also have a sharpener to help create a sharper line. He used Night Star shadow all over my lid (press, press, press) and a black liner on my lid with a brown liner on the bottom -he explained that the black could be too harsh on the top and the bottom- (nobody wants to look like a Mulhall sister now do they).  I asked how to perfect the winged eye as I sometimes have difficulty and he said that with my eye shape don't go out too far (I have a hungry crease / laughter lines - he didn't say that.

The liner is a complex brown/bronze

Here is where I show you a photo of his artwork..... except well..... I went out to dinner, stuffed my face and forgot..... sorry.. here is my recreation instead.
Can you spot the sparkle?
Ronnie shot.....  This is a matte lipstick but I moisturised my lips before applying. He went around my lips with concealer (which I forgot to do here) which perfects the shape, corrects any mistakes and quite frankly makes your lips look flipping brilliant.
I used MAC Brick to line my lips.
Nars Eyeliner costs €25.00,  Lipstick €26.00, eye shadow €24.00.  And before you add that up and remind me that the total is more than €40.00 ...I know, bold me, I shall go and sit in the bold corner (and play with my makeup). Pin It
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