Thursday, December 8, 2011

I LOVE: Holy Grail Foundation Brush Stila #33 One Step Complexion Brush - and a Dupe

They say that a bad workman blames his tools and luckily for me I have never claimed to be a good workman/woooman but I have blamed my tools on many an occasion.  I have quite a fetish for makeup brushes (I don't do anything weird with them, I just like to buy them and then use them to apply makeup - minds out of the gutter please -) I am always on the hunt for the perfect brush.  I may have found my holy grail foundation brush....  Its the Stila #33 One Step Complexion Brush.
I bought the brush from HQHair and it costs £21.00 (check it out here).  While I was waiting (the two weeks) for this to come into stock and be delivered I discovered that it had just won 2011 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner for Best Concealer Brush, pretty impressive considering there was not a whole lot of hype or beauty blog talk about the brush.
Here's what Stila have to say:
This dual-ended foundation and concealer brush allows you to blend both liquid and powder products seamlessly for effortless makeup application and a flawless finish.
One side beautifully blends liquid, creams and powder foundation into your skin, while the other delivers precision concealing for a perfected, polished complexion.
The synthetic bristles are shaped to imitate application with your fingertips, but are firmer and more flexible for quicker, easier makeup application.
•The tapered brush tip can burrow into tiny, hard-to-reach crevice
•Synthetic bristles eliminate the transfer of oils and bacteria
•Can also be used to apply eye shadow and cheek color

I have tried the traditional flat foundation brush (too streaky) and the fluffy brushes as favoured by You Tube Guru's (hungry brush's) but this brush combines the two (just right)... and it is GENIUS.  The brush applies the product and buffs it in all at the same time.  It makes it easy peasy to apply product and the curved shape gets into all the corners of your face while the size covers my big puddin cheeks.
On the other end is the same but smaller - perfect for concealing.  I think this brush is feckin deadly but some people will have problems storing the double ended brush, also sometimes when applying the product the bristles all swoosh to one side which means you have a little less control.

So you would think that's the end of the post wouldn't you?  Holy Grail found ... move along now...  except I found a dupe.  I recently discovered Cloud 10 Beauty a new Irish online retailer who not only stock hard to find brands but also give free samples and have a loyalty scheme (how deadly is that? a beauty trinity ... its basically like Ireland's answer to Sephora).  While on Cloud 10 I spied the Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86 which costs €14.95 check it out here.
Stila on the left and Sigma on the right.

The brushes work in a similar way (application and blending in one swoop) although the Sigma is slightly bigger but also has more of a tip, I actually prefer using the Sigma brush controversial coming from the Stila Freak.  

What do you use to apply your foundation? 
Have you checked out the flippin brilliant Clout 10 (check it out here... ahhh go on go on)
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