Monday, January 30, 2012

Karma karma karma karma Chameleon

My name is Mags and I am a Make up addict, you know this (it's probably why you're here) but what you may not know is some products bring out the stalker in me.  If I see a product I love - I want it - I need it -I have to have it... and so the search begins. I get a certain look in my eye and although I could carry out many other tasks /have conversations/go to work/act like a normal human, there it is lurking in the back of my brain. I am like the Terminator, I must locate Sarah Connors.  That's me, the Make up Terminator. (If I was clever I would insert a funny photoshopped picture of the Terminator with make up - except I am busy trying to appear normal while thinking about make up).

Last year Estée Lauder released Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee.  I was hooked. The product was a liquid powder gel hybrid.  What was weird about this is I don't usually pay much attention to highlighter/illuminators and what's more I cant remember the last time that I bought anything from Estée Lauder.
Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee 004 Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee Review, Photos, Swatches
Read about the product here (from Musings of a Muse which is the source of the image and a brilliant blog).

Alas this part of the story does not end well as I was late on the bandwagon and it was SOLD OUT everywhere, every Estée Lauder counter I encountered, I asked and every counter was out of stock.  Finally one day, there it was sitting in Debenhams in the Square (no Tallafornia jokes please).  It was beautiful.  The colour illuminating, the texture out of this world - this must be the stuff that Gods put on their faces -. there was nobody working the Lauder counter and the other sales assistant did her best to find it but she couldn't.  Off I went with the phone number of the counter and a dream still in place, but the phone call was a fail, they were sold out (turns out they just had the tester out to tease me/annoy me/mess with my already fragile sanity).

I decided that I should man up and ask what they did with old testers (it was no good to anybody any more) , channelling Chandler from friends repeating to myself "I am a strong confident woman" over and over (I am after all the woman who walked around work with my skirt tucked into my knickers - I need the confidence boost), I asked could I have a sample of the product or the old tester.  NOOO was the answer.  I had run out of options - the only one left was paying the inflated ebay prices which was not really an option. 

The story would end here .... but I do hate a sad tale so let's pep this up a little.  During a daily read of Beaut (the mothership) they posted on Estée Lauder Pure Colour Topaz for Spring 2012 (read about it here) and there staring back at me was (a albeit darker) Illuminating Powder Gelée - this one (I vowed in a Scarlet O'Hara kinda way) will not get away.

Off I marched wandered to the Square and decided to try my luck at the Lauder counter in Boots.  The Lauder girl was lovely but had never heard about the product.  She did have training coming soon and so I annoyed entertained her by showing her the post by Beaut (how annoying must it be for Sales Assistants to have some "know it all" -me- asking about products that they have not been given details or information about yet).  She promised after she had her training or learned of the products arrival she would ring me.

I relaxed (a little) as the collection is not due out til February, and then last weekend the Lauder Lady rang to say she had one in stock (warning me it was a darker shade) I thanked her profusely (trying to skirt the line between thankful and weird).  It is mine.   Wanna See?

 Lauder's packaging confuses me - one side gold and glam and the other side is plastic.

 When I swatched it I got a bit of a fright - it was very Orange

 After I swatched the product and applied it, there were no dints or  marks in the product.. It looked brand new again.
The product was very bronze/orange.  Normally I would think I could work with it but January has been kicking my arse.  I have been pasty and not just pale - GREY.  Since it is a cream/gel/liquid/powder the texture is amazing and smooth.  It applied like a dream and blends easily (although I might have been a bit heavy handed in the picture above).  While I don't think its perfect for right now - although not too bad- when the summer comes I will be a total ride.
This is from Friday night (I was out at the dogs - who says I don't live a glamorous and lavish life) I don't think I look too Oompa  but your opinions on my orangeness are welcome and encouraged.

Am I happy? Yeah I am I am delighted with myself... although sometimes the Terminator in me still thinks about the one that got away - after all how beautiful would a highlighter go with Topaz Chameleon? 
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleek - Bad Girl

I love when somebody goes on a trip and brings you back a little pressie its exciting isn't it? Kinda like your sharing their trip.  Before Christmas Sile went for a day trip up to Belfast and brought me back the Sleek Bad Girl Palette... I was only delighra.  Not only was it very kind of her but also because I love Sleek palettes.

The Bad Girl Palette has a great range if you like a smokey eye.  The choice of colours is brilliant with some of the dark shades being quite complex and not just "dark green" & "dark purple".  I found if the colours were turning out too dark I could blend the silver colours in brightening up the look.

Please excuse me if these swatches are making me look like a "hairy armed blogger"

With the release of new fancy palettes (Naked2 for example) I sometimes forget how much I love Sleek Palettes.  Here are some of their strong points.
  • The shadows are very soft and highly pigmented (so pigmented that I would recommend doing your foundation after your eyes as there can be a bit of fall out).
  • the shades are long lasting not only do they not fade the colour stays put all day (impressively so - the look you leave the house with in the morning is the same one that you have when you get home)
  • the palettes are affordable and great value
My only down fall is this:   I have been on three quests in my life one for the arc of the covenant, the second for the holy grail and the third quest has been for Sleek products actually being available on the Sleek stands (I might have just enthusiastically watched the movie versions of the first two quests).  I find it so frustrating that any time I have visited a Sleek Stand how badly stocked they are.  The good news for us is that Sleek is becoming more available with online shops such as Cloud 10 Beauty and Beauty Emporium now stocking Sleek.

I highly recommend visiting Cloud 10 Beauty and looking here at the Sleek Bad Girl Palette (for the bargain price of €8.50), not only do Cloud 10 offer a loyalty service they also give free samples with each order and are a dream to deal with (see what I did there... Cloud 10 - dream - ).
You know that I like the Sleek paletts have you tried any?  Oh and remind me next time I am ordering from Cloud 10 to order the Au Natural Palette - what are your thoughts on the Au Natural Palette?. Pin It

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Karora Self Tan Mist

I'm very rarely seen without a layer of fake tan,  usually just a light layer to take the blue hue off me. Even in winter I do the lazy girl's tan (arms & chest) so when the lovely people at sent us a sample of Karora's Self Tan Mist to try out I was more than happy to give it a go. 

Karora is an Irish company who specialise in natural formulation fake tanning products - no parabens, artificial fragrance or chemical nasties. They're also cruelty free. But are they any good? Going by the Self Tan Mist, yes they are - very good indeed. My fake tan of choice for the past couple of years has been Xen Tan's Dark Lotion and I'm happy to say that this has all the qualities that had me repurchasing Xen Tan for so long - easy application, dries quickly, doesn't streak, natural colour, and fades 'elegantly' (as Laura once said about another fake tan, ie.  the piebald skin effect is minimal). Also, Karora's packaging is gorgeous - very luxe looking and satisfyingly heavy. 

So, it's Irish, natural, cruelty free and very good. Any cons? Karora claim that this has 'no faux tan smell', but it does - it doesn't bother me, fake tan smells, 'tis a fact of life. Despite being a fake tan veteran it was actually the first time I had used a spray and I must admit I also fake tanned the bathroom the first time I used this but learned my lesson after that - spray closer to the skin or onto the tanning mitt. 

I will happily purchase this myself. 

Karora Self Tan Mist is currently on sale on Cloud10beauty for €19.99 for 200ml (usual price is €24.99) and it's also available in a 100ml bottle which would be great for travel. 

Have you tried any Karora products? I love the sound of the Smooth Operator Multi Action Micro Peel

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nails Inc - Gossip Girl Mani

I am at the stage of my life where I "should" be looking at "grown up" "intellectual" programmes but I have never really done what "should" be done (ill stop using " " now).  One of the programmes on my must see list is Gossip Girl - don't you just love it (by the way if you do love intellectual and serious programmes like Gossip Girl you should check out Hart of Dixie).  For a while I had been noseing at the Gossip Girl Special Effects sets that Nails Inc brought out and when ASOS had a discount I snapped up Blair (my favourite character on the programme - hand up if your team Blair and Chuck).
In the set you get two polishes Blair which is a deep dark green and Privileged (the special effects topcoat).  I applied a coat of Blair and then applied two coats of Privileged - and watch the magic happen.  Privileged is what is termed a "Flakie" it looks like glitter but its not.  It leaves flakes of changing iridescence that make you stare in wonder at your nails. 

I was so in love with the effect that I went back and bought the set Serena (if you love something don't let it go- hoard it like a crazy person)
Serena set includes Serena a black polish and It Girl (the magic polish).  To be honest you don't need the basic shade that comes in these sets, any polish that you already own will do unfortunately the special effects shades in this range are not sold separately.  We will have more on Flakies coming up (I am already obsessed)

These sets are no longer available from ASOS but some of the sets are available from Nails Inc check here and where Nails Inc are sold.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Benefit Porefessionally Pretty

I Love Benefit - their packaging never fails to make me smile and it helps that the products themselves are for the most part fantastic.  During a recent trip to Boots Liffey Valley - The Happiest Place on Earth (I was actually going to the cinema but sure it would be a sin to ignore Boots), I noticed that Benefit had a beautiful retro makeup bag free with any purchase.  Benefit also have a new Porefressionally Pretty set which includes The Porefessional, a half size Erase Paste (in no2) and a half size Girl Meets Pearl.... all for €33.50, which is the same price as the Porefessional on its own.
I had never tried Porefessional (I had gotten one for my Mam and she loves it) and when I put a sample of it on my hand I was amazed, just a tiny amount my hand felt amazing (I was literally walking around like a weirdo stroking my hand).  Erase Paste has long been a favourite of mine, its salmon tones work wonders on dark circles.  Girl meets Pearl is a lovely highlighter and even if you don't use highlighter (who can see them in this weather anyway) since you're getting this free you're not going to argue are you.
This Benefit girl said the set is available during January (it may be available for longer) so if you're a fan of the Porefessional its a good time to snap one up.  January for me is an impatient month, waiting for new collections to come out so this is a great buy if you're feeling like a treat.

While I was in Boots I also picked up some half price Philosophy Christmas sets which smell delicious. I am currently smelling of Eggnog (Christmas scent, I know but I don't care- sue me) you can use the wash products as shampoo/shower cream and bubble bath.  I was initially sceptical putting a multi product in my hair but my hair looks (and smells) freaking amazing.

Do you use Porefessional? or are you like me still using Christmas scents
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Monday, January 16, 2012

China Glaze - Eye Candy

Eye want candy.....Eye want candy........ sing song over let's get onto the polish shall we? I heard that China Glaze had a collection coming out that was inspired by Marilyn Monroe... a glittery collection. If there are two things that I love in the world it's glitter and Ms. Monroe.  I picked these up on eBay (I couldn't wait) before Christmas but I had a little accident with Love Marilyn (the red) which involves a broken bottle of polish and glittery polish all over the carpet in work.

1. The Eye Candy Collection has 6 polishes
2. Swatches - 2 coats
3, 4 & 5 Blonde Bombshell (the gold)  has a base of gold glitter mixed with larger gold glitter. Loreleis Tiara (the silver) is a fabulously dense silver glitter with hexagonal blue glitter.
6, 7 & 8 Material Girl - big pink glitters interspersed with pink shimmer.  Some Like it Haute - a grey shimmer with hexagonal silver/multicolour glitter.
9, 10 & 11 Marry a Millionaire is purple glitter with stripes of teal/silver glitter (brill mix).  Love Marilyn is red glitter with big chunky silver glitter.
13.  Loreleis Tiara is probably my favourite because it has really opaque coverage after 2 coats and it just looks so pretty, in fact to me it looks like Cinderella's perfect nail polish (15).

Have you picked up any of the Eye Candy collection?
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

L'Oreal Bronze Divine Color Infallible Eyeshadow - Perhaps a dupe for MAC Golden Gaze

Hands up anybody who has tried the Armani Eyes to Kill Eye Shadows?  I don't actually own any but I have played (this is the correct term cause I play with makeup) with them every time I am in Brown Thomas.  Since these cost the same price as a stupid (non - smart) phone I have been a bit wary about buying them.  I have also been looking at the L'Oreal Color Infallible Eye shadows they look like the budget version of Armani but they are still pricey for the chemist costing about €12.00.  At the moment these are on special offer in Boots for approx €6.50.  The perfect time to try.  I picked up two, today Ill tell you about No 024 Bronze Divine.  Bronze Divine is soft and creamy and easy to apply, I first applied with my finger but got better coverage using a brush.  The colour is a greeny/dirty gold some people may not be drawn to it but I think it is a beautiful colour. 

Here it is on the eye, that is all that is on the eye (I have used a primer and tight lined with a brown pencil) the shadow is complex and gives the appearance in the corners that another darker shade has been applied.  It reminds me of MAC's Golden Gaze which I have been longing for ever since I saw it on Karen (Lovely Girly Bits) at the Beaut awards - it was of course sold out by then so I cant do a side by side comparison. 
L’Oréal say that its "Ultra-intense colour, up to 24 hour long-lasting hold and velvety soft feel" which is all true the shadow is so soft and lasted a long (first day) back in work after Christmas.

Please go over and check out Karen's (and her Lovely Girly Bits) looks using MAC Golden Gaze here and let me know if you think it is a good dupe, even if its not a dupe its a beautiful colour and the texture is amazing - stick your finger in a pot today.

P.S. sorry for the lack of posts over Christmas I took the opportunity over the time off to take pictures of various products and NOTD and it seems I accidentally deleted them - I AM A GOBSHITE. Pin It

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Run dont walk, then swish your hair.

I love big swishy hair - Toss Toss (if you have seen Wicked you will know where I get Toss Toss from).  If you have seen the film New Years Eve (I don't care, you can hate on me all you want - I Loved it- it was an emotional roller coaster) you will have seen some pretty impressive hair (and disastrous hair - you Katherine Hiegl).  SJP did her usual messy curls but for me Hilary Swank had the most amazing curly waves.

I am a fan of curling my hair because I can get a couple of days out of the look
1st day - curls
2nd day looser relaxed curls
3rd day Serena from Gossip Girl hair - swish swish.

So although you have to go to the effort of curling your hair its worth the trouble.  I had seen this curling wand on Cloud10 beauty before Christmas and was going to ask Santa for it - it went out of my head - but I was delighted when I was on the site after Christmas and saw that the wand was reduced (from its already brilliant price of €42.95)  to €36.95.  This set includes a wand and a curling serum (which also acts as a heat protector).  The wand arrived today and I am delighted with it, it heats up so quickly and in an instant I had hair that would make Hilary Swank cut off all her hair and pretend she was a boy.
I would have taken a picture but it is so dark that all you would see are red glowing beady eyes (its the light up Santa - I swear -) and a growling noise (from my belly it needs normal food STAT).  But I will do a post on how my hair looks when I use the wand. 

I love curling wands (once you get used to them) because they are quicker to heat and you don't need to leave them on your hair for as long, you also don't have to wind your hair from the bottom so the ends of the hair are saved from intense heat.

So what are you waiting run fast.... go to Cloud 10 click here and get yourself some swishy hair. (Did I mention they have free shipping if you spend over €50 ? they also have some Sleek products reduced).... Go Play.
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