Monday, January 30, 2012

Karma karma karma karma Chameleon

My name is Mags and I am a Make up addict, you know this (it's probably why you're here) but what you may not know is some products bring out the stalker in me.  If I see a product I love - I want it - I need it -I have to have it... and so the search begins. I get a certain look in my eye and although I could carry out many other tasks /have conversations/go to work/act like a normal human, there it is lurking in the back of my brain. I am like the Terminator, I must locate Sarah Connors.  That's me, the Make up Terminator. (If I was clever I would insert a funny photoshopped picture of the Terminator with make up - except I am busy trying to appear normal while thinking about make up).

Last year Estée Lauder released Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee.  I was hooked. The product was a liquid powder gel hybrid.  What was weird about this is I don't usually pay much attention to highlighter/illuminators and what's more I cant remember the last time that I bought anything from Estée Lauder.
Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee 004 Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee Review, Photos, Swatches
Read about the product here (from Musings of a Muse which is the source of the image and a brilliant blog).

Alas this part of the story does not end well as I was late on the bandwagon and it was SOLD OUT everywhere, every Estée Lauder counter I encountered, I asked and every counter was out of stock.  Finally one day, there it was sitting in Debenhams in the Square (no Tallafornia jokes please).  It was beautiful.  The colour illuminating, the texture out of this world - this must be the stuff that Gods put on their faces -. there was nobody working the Lauder counter and the other sales assistant did her best to find it but she couldn't.  Off I went with the phone number of the counter and a dream still in place, but the phone call was a fail, they were sold out (turns out they just had the tester out to tease me/annoy me/mess with my already fragile sanity).

I decided that I should man up and ask what they did with old testers (it was no good to anybody any more) , channelling Chandler from friends repeating to myself "I am a strong confident woman" over and over (I am after all the woman who walked around work with my skirt tucked into my knickers - I need the confidence boost), I asked could I have a sample of the product or the old tester.  NOOO was the answer.  I had run out of options - the only one left was paying the inflated ebay prices which was not really an option. 

The story would end here .... but I do hate a sad tale so let's pep this up a little.  During a daily read of Beaut (the mothership) they posted on Estée Lauder Pure Colour Topaz for Spring 2012 (read about it here) and there staring back at me was (a albeit darker) Illuminating Powder Gelée - this one (I vowed in a Scarlet O'Hara kinda way) will not get away.

Off I marched wandered to the Square and decided to try my luck at the Lauder counter in Boots.  The Lauder girl was lovely but had never heard about the product.  She did have training coming soon and so I annoyed entertained her by showing her the post by Beaut (how annoying must it be for Sales Assistants to have some "know it all" -me- asking about products that they have not been given details or information about yet).  She promised after she had her training or learned of the products arrival she would ring me.

I relaxed (a little) as the collection is not due out til February, and then last weekend the Lauder Lady rang to say she had one in stock (warning me it was a darker shade) I thanked her profusely (trying to skirt the line between thankful and weird).  It is mine.   Wanna See?

 Lauder's packaging confuses me - one side gold and glam and the other side is plastic.

 When I swatched it I got a bit of a fright - it was very Orange

 After I swatched the product and applied it, there were no dints or  marks in the product.. It looked brand new again.
The product was very bronze/orange.  Normally I would think I could work with it but January has been kicking my arse.  I have been pasty and not just pale - GREY.  Since it is a cream/gel/liquid/powder the texture is amazing and smooth.  It applied like a dream and blends easily (although I might have been a bit heavy handed in the picture above).  While I don't think its perfect for right now - although not too bad- when the summer comes I will be a total ride.
This is from Friday night (I was out at the dogs - who says I don't live a glamorous and lavish life) I don't think I look too Oompa  but your opinions on my orangeness are welcome and encouraged.

Am I happy? Yeah I am I am delighted with myself... although sometimes the Terminator in me still thinks about the one that got away - after all how beautiful would a highlighter go with Topaz Chameleon? 
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  1. Hey I say bravo for your tenacity and sheer unflinching desire to own it! Fab! I've also come to the conclusion that I will never own an urban decay tim burton palette. So I know your pain!


  2. That's fabulous on you, Mags! & the red lip? Wowza!

    Never give up hope, OPIs Mad as a Hatter still haunts my dreams. I feel your pain x

  3. Ah so glad you were able to locate it :) As the fellas from Journey said "Don't stop belieeeeeevin" and you didn't Mags, you didn't! :) Great post as always

  4. I have the other one and I LOVE it. But I have fallen prey to other things I wish I'd got... like more Chanel Triomphal at xmas (I *knew* I should have bought 2 and the only one I have is nearly all gone :-(... I have been waiting for this one to arrive so I may go and seek it out. BT are supposed to "get it first" according to the proud BT SA last w/e when I mentioned it (she hadn't heard about it either... do SAs in Ireland not have the foggiest? Thanks for sharing your pics... now you've just reminded me how much I want it :-)

  5. Has to be done...

  6. Oh my god, you total ride. I laughed my socks off :)
    You look very Bond Girl, all gold and expensive lol. Might have to take a look at this myself for Summer xx

  7. Makeup for dolls- I am so jealous that you have the original

    In fact a little update- I am in the process of getting my hands on a back up (it's being held for me fingers crossed)

  8. Girls - Brown Thomas in Dublin had this on Monday when I was there. I came away with the shadow palette. It's a really pretty collection. Great post Mags!


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