Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nails Inc - Gossip Girl Mani

I am at the stage of my life where I "should" be looking at "grown up" "intellectual" programmes but I have never really done what "should" be done (ill stop using " " now).  One of the programmes on my must see list is Gossip Girl - don't you just love it (by the way if you do love intellectual and serious programmes like Gossip Girl you should check out Hart of Dixie).  For a while I had been noseing at the Gossip Girl Special Effects sets that Nails Inc brought out and when ASOS had a discount I snapped up Blair (my favourite character on the programme - hand up if your team Blair and Chuck).
In the set you get two polishes Blair which is a deep dark green and Privileged (the special effects topcoat).  I applied a coat of Blair and then applied two coats of Privileged - and watch the magic happen.  Privileged is what is termed a "Flakie" it looks like glitter but its not.  It leaves flakes of changing iridescence that make you stare in wonder at your nails. 

I was so in love with the effect that I went back and bought the set Serena (if you love something don't let it go- hoard it like a crazy person)
Serena set includes Serena a black polish and It Girl (the magic polish).  To be honest you don't need the basic shade that comes in these sets, any polish that you already own will do unfortunately the special effects shades in this range are not sold separately.  We will have more on Flakies coming up (I am already obsessed)

These sets are no longer available from ASOS but some of the sets are available from Nails Inc check here and where Nails Inc are sold.
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