Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Karora Self Tan Mist

I'm very rarely seen without a layer of fake tan,  usually just a light layer to take the blue hue off me. Even in winter I do the lazy girl's tan (arms & chest) so when the lovely people at cloud10beauty.com sent us a sample of Karora's Self Tan Mist to try out I was more than happy to give it a go. 

Karora is an Irish company who specialise in natural formulation fake tanning products - no parabens, artificial fragrance or chemical nasties. They're also cruelty free. But are they any good? Going by the Self Tan Mist, yes they are - very good indeed. My fake tan of choice for the past couple of years has been Xen Tan's Dark Lotion and I'm happy to say that this has all the qualities that had me repurchasing Xen Tan for so long - easy application, dries quickly, doesn't streak, natural colour, and fades 'elegantly' (as Laura once said about another fake tan, ie.  the piebald skin effect is minimal). Also, Karora's packaging is gorgeous - very luxe looking and satisfyingly heavy. 

So, it's Irish, natural, cruelty free and very good. Any cons? Karora claim that this has 'no faux tan smell', but it does - it doesn't bother me, fake tan smells, 'tis a fact of life. Despite being a fake tan veteran it was actually the first time I had used a spray and I must admit I also fake tanned the bathroom the first time I used this but learned my lesson after that - spray closer to the skin or onto the tanning mitt. 

I will happily purchase this myself. 

Karora Self Tan Mist is currently on sale on Cloud10beauty for €19.99 for 200ml (usual price is €24.99) and it's also available in a 100ml bottle which would be great for travel. 

Have you tried any Karora products? I love the sound of the Smooth Operator Multi Action Micro Peel

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  1. Sounds lovely but I'm guessing the fact it has a fake tan smell means it contains DHA, making it a no-go for me.

  2. It sounds lovely but I'm a Xen Tan girl, can't stand the fake tan sniff!

    That Smooth Operator Multi Action Micro Peel though? SOLD!

  3. @cornflakegirl Yeah it has DHA in it Paula but it says 'Dihydroxyacetone (Sugarbeet/Cane) so maybe a more natural form? Or is all DHA made from sugar? Forgive my ignorance if so!

    @CherrySue Do you not find Xen Tan smells too? I think they all do! Yeah defo have to try the peel, sounds deadly.


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