Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleek - Bad Girl

I love when somebody goes on a trip and brings you back a little pressie its exciting isn't it? Kinda like your sharing their trip.  Before Christmas Sile went for a day trip up to Belfast and brought me back the Sleek Bad Girl Palette... I was only delighra.  Not only was it very kind of her but also because I love Sleek palettes.

The Bad Girl Palette has a great range if you like a smokey eye.  The choice of colours is brilliant with some of the dark shades being quite complex and not just "dark green" & "dark purple".  I found if the colours were turning out too dark I could blend the silver colours in brightening up the look.

Please excuse me if these swatches are making me look like a "hairy armed blogger"

With the release of new fancy palettes (Naked2 for example) I sometimes forget how much I love Sleek Palettes.  Here are some of their strong points.
  • The shadows are very soft and highly pigmented (so pigmented that I would recommend doing your foundation after your eyes as there can be a bit of fall out).
  • the shades are long lasting not only do they not fade the colour stays put all day (impressively so - the look you leave the house with in the morning is the same one that you have when you get home)
  • the palettes are affordable and great value
My only down fall is this:   I have been on three quests in my life one for the arc of the covenant, the second for the holy grail and the third quest has been for Sleek products actually being available on the Sleek stands (I might have just enthusiastically watched the movie versions of the first two quests).  I find it so frustrating that any time I have visited a Sleek Stand how badly stocked they are.  The good news for us is that Sleek is becoming more available with online shops such as Cloud 10 Beauty and Beauty Emporium now stocking Sleek.

I highly recommend visiting Cloud 10 Beauty and looking here at the Sleek Bad Girl Palette (for the bargain price of €8.50), not only do Cloud 10 offer a loyalty service they also give free samples with each order and are a dream to deal with (see what I did there... Cloud 10 - dream - ).
You know that I like the Sleek paletts have you tried any?  Oh and remind me next time I am ordering from Cloud 10 to order the Au Natural Palette - what are your thoughts on the Au Natural Palette?. Pin It


  1. I adore this palette, I use mine all the time - they blend really well! Brilliant swatches too, I've tried to photograph them several times & I could never get it right! Much better than the "Blogeoisie" ;-)

  2. Ha, love the 'hairy armed blogger' reference and I agree with Miss Green Eyes your swatches are great.

    I love this palette it's so versatile. I have the Au Naturel one too (reviewed it a while back) and really like it but be warned, some of the shadows are harder to work with than others.

  3. Ah magaluf, it's like this palette was named after you ;P i do love me some sleek so i do, keep up the good work my hairy armed blogger pal :)

  4. Wow the pigmentation is amazing & not a single hair in sight!
    Nic x

  5. There's a shop on Moore Street, one of the stores that does hair extensions etc, that stocks Sleek stuff. Stock levels are a bit hit-and-miss, and there's rarely any of the absolute newest collection stuff there, but there can be a few bits and pieces. Can't remember what it's called, but it's on the left, as you walk up Moore Street, closer to the Ilac Centre end... HTH!


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