Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catrice - Pinky and the Brain....brain brain

Pinky and the Brain, they're Pinky and the Brain, one is a Genius the other insane (that kinda describes the writers of this blog ehh).  Catrice has some new nail polish shades that have a new wider brush and if that is not enough they have freakin brilliant names.  How could I leave behind Pinky and the Brain?

 So of course I picked up the colour cause the name is amazing but it is a beautiful raspberry pink.  The colour applies evenly and there is something about the colour that make it a classic and classy pink.
 Just in case you're not singing the theme tune to Pinky and the Brain by now .. click below

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  1. This is a mags colour if ever I saw one! Now tell me, are you Pinky or the Brain? ;P

  2. Thank you for cheering me up with the song! the colour is also gorgeous :D

  3. Gorgeous color! :D


  4. Snarf.... who do you think I am? Deffo Pinky :)

  5. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I used to watch endless episodes of Pinky in my college days - when I shoulda been in the library! xo

  6. I'm going to have to buy this one for my mum. My parents call each other pinky, both of them! Bless them they both think they are the brain!


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