Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its probably too late to show you some of the things I got for Christmas

Its probably too late to show you some of the things I got for Christmas (both as gifts and in the sales) but this post will remind me that I don't need to buy any makeup and who doesn't like looking at new things?  Firstly I got a Bare Essentials makeup brush set (its sitting on my very swish new Ipad case). There are four brushes in the set and what can I say the brushes and the case that comes with it are just so glam.  The bristles are so soft my one bug bear is the angled eye shadow brush is a little big for my eye (that's my problem really though).  The liner brush works perfectly when using shadow as a liner.  I favour the large kabuki brush its so soft and dense that it applies colour and buffs slightly. 



Can you Imagine how excited I was when I received the Sephora Glitz and Glam set (best Cousin EVER).  To be honest I have spent most of my time opening the box with sheer glee and looking at the products (my precious) even the packaging is amazing.
This set contains:
- Benefit High Beam
- Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow in Pug
- Bare Escentuals bareMinerals All Over Color in Glee
- Sephora Collection Eye Shadow in Starry Sky 07
- Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Charge It!
- Tarte Celebutante Dry Oil Shimmer
- Josie Maran Argan Oil Illuminizer
- Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Gloss in Paiette
- 0.12 oz Ultraflesh Gold Standard Mascara in black
- 0.08 oz Stila Lip Glaze in Vanilla (pearly nude)


I had picked up one of the Benefit sets on sale for my mam, its not fair that she gets all the fun so I snapped up the Eye Wanna set - The Maggie Collection (my name is Maggie after all).  The shadows are beautiful but I haven't put the the bases/cream shadow to the test.  
I only seem to buy Smashbox when it is on sale, I don't know if this says that I think the brand is overpriced for what you get or the fact that I love a bargain (probably a bit of both).  I bought the Wish List set in Arnotts (reduced from €55 to €38.50) This set includes:

  • Photo Finish Foundation Primer (travel size)
  • Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
  • Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Midnight Black
  • Baked Fusion Soft Lights in Stardust
  • O-Gloss Gold
Its always nice to get a primer but its not that exciting so we will move on, I was really excited to try the Photo Op Eye Brightener I thought it would solve all my problems (this alone sells for €32) unfortunately I haven't really noticed a difference using this product, it doesn't totally conceal my dark circles (it might be more suitable for somebody who gets more sleep).  I love the Jet Set Liner, its not reinventing the wheel but nice to have in the set.  The O- Gloss is a bit meh, its grand but I wouldn't go mad about it. The gloss leaves a nice shimmer on your lips (but you could probably get the same from an Essence lip product).  I haven't tried the Stardust Highlighter so Ill get back to you on that.
I have wanted to try Buxom lip glosses for a while (blame too many You Tube videos) when I saw the Christmas set was reduced from €32.00 to €21.33 sure it would be wrong to leave them behind.  Like all pumping lip glosses these are initially a bit weird on your lips (not like Lip Venom that stuff is wicked) but not uncomfortable, there is a minty taste to the gloss and once you apply the gloss once any weird feeling is gone - mind you I didn't see a massive (or any) increase in the size of my lips but the glosses themselves are lovely.  I thought the selection of 4 was a great way to test the product.

I had to show you this book, as you may or may not know I LOVE Marilyn and was delighted when I received this book as a pressie (what can I say my friends know me) the book is called Fragments and allows you to look at Marilyn's personal notes and diaries.
Here is an example of a page from the book, on the left you have a copy of Marilyn diary/notebook  (you can see her handwriting, sketches and doodles) on the right the text is typed out.
Marilyn and Makeup Happy days.
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  1. I love it all :) and because you got them nearly half price, means you can buy twice as much #themstherules

  2. It's never too late, I think I only posted a couple of things! You got such fab goodies! I especially love the Marilyn book I adore anything Marilyn!


  3. That book looks absolutely amazing Mags, must look out for it myself. And that Sephora set is to die for! xo


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