Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You think Marilyn Monroe - You think Red Lippy.

I am a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, I love to read about her (although it is a little disconcerting that an icon has a real life with problems, sadness, ups and downs.  I would really recommend reading about Marilyn - saying she had a hard life is a understatement).  Marilyn evokes so much and one of the first things you think of when you see Marilyn is GLAMOUR - although it is quite nice to know that she could be quite a slob when she wanted to be.  Lisa Eldridge recently put up a video on the classic Marilyn look. What is amazing about Lisa (yes I am pretending that I am on a first name basis) is she tells you about how the look was created and how Marilyn had a close relationship with her makeup artist "Whitey", who famously did her makeup, even for her funeral.  Marilyn was very good at applying her own makeup and picking up tips and tricks - imagine the things you would learn if you were lucky enough to have Lisa working on your makeup. 

For many years I have read articles by Lisa in magazines and admired the looks she has created.  Lisa Eldridge is truly a makeup "Artist" and she kindly lets us in on some of her magic, what's more than that is she seems like a lovely person. Look at Lisa Eldridge's website (here).

Lisa's site gives more information on the products she uses, when she mentioned that Marilyn used Guerlain lipsticks, I made a mental note of the shade (Insolence De Rouge) and headed to House of Fraser (or the HOF as I like to call it).  Guerlain is one of those brands that I never think of buying from (I think I got a bronzer about a million years ago) so when I asked for the Rouge Kiss Kiss I was disappointed to hear that the lipsticks were being discontinued and Insolence De Rouge was no more.  The very helpful sales assistant pointed out that she had one red shade left and it was discounted... discounted to €11.25 (from €28.00).

The case is pure Hollywood glamour; it's like three gold nuggets stacked on top of each other, the case feels substantial and you can imagine wearing matching red nail varnish.  There is something beautiful about taking out a pretty lipstick case and applying red lipstick.  I am all for finding dupes for shades but everybody should have a classy red lipstick in beautiful packaging in their collection, it's such a simple thing but brings glamour to your life.
The texture of the lipstick is superb (why are they being discontinued?), the colour applies opaquely, has a lovely sheen and leaves the lips feeling lovely, moisturised and glamorous.  The colour is a beautiful raspberry red (the lighting of late has been dreadful so I am not sure the picture does it justice).

Today's lesson is have a look at the discounted makeup, they are not just selling turquoise lipstick from two seasons ago- there are some gems out there.  
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  1. Such a great red, brilliant find x

  2. I love her too - proper big mad obsessive love! Have you read Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates? It's fiction but based on MM's life - so sad.

    1. Next time we meet lets have a long Marilyn obsessed conversation.. I havent read blonde but it's on my shelf to read... Have read pretty much all the other bios .. There is a book called dressing Marilyn which is on my list ;)

  3. Oh my God. Bargain of the year, I am so jel. Must hunt that down!

  4. Ok, I am going make up shopping with you next time, proper bargain or wha?! That colour is gorgeous on ya magaluf


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