Monday, March 26, 2012

Stila Giveaway In the Light **CLOSED**

What a beautiful day today has been (let's sing along to Oh What a Beautiful Morning), the sun is shining everybody is in good form what could make the day better?  A Stila Giveaway, that's what.  As you probably know a couple of weeks ago a dream came true for me and I got to meet Stila (read about it here) not only were they Wonderful Wizards of Makeup goodness, they were extremely nice and generous with their time.  But that's not all - they gave me a little pressie for you lot, meet the wonderful In the Light Palette. Read my review here

If you haven't seen Stila's In the Light Palette you're missing out on a beautiful collection of eye shadows along with (the flipping brilliant) smudge stick (this shade smudge stick is exclusive to this set).  The colours are pigmented and so soft.  If you're still undecided about The Naked Palette you should really check out this beauty.

This giveaway is open to Ireland and the UK and is open until Sunday 15th April 2012.

So if you want to win this fabulous palette you can earn three entries; all you have to do is:

Follow us on GFC (or let us know how your following the blog)
Sign up to Stila's newsletter (here)
Like Stila on Facebook (here) - if only there was a way to Love on Facebook

And for a bit of fun, what is your favourite Stila product or what have you been dying to try?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Minaj Minis make today a Pink Friday

Two weeks ago myself and Sile went to the Beauty Show at the RDS along with our partners in crime Karen (click here to check out her bits) and Sue (click here to check out her cherry).  Of course we spent more than we were supposed to, of course we bought things we probably didn't need, but I would like to add that we were quite restrained (kinda).

Even though I keep saying "I'm not really that into nail polish", I manage to buy quite a bit of it.  When I saw the Nicki Minaj for OPI minis I had to get the set, even though I don't know a lot about her besides what I see in magazines (and that one song that gets stuck in my brain - I am obviously not "down with the kids").  The colours are bright and in one case a little obnoxious - perfect for moi.

The colours in the set are:
Did it on Em (whats that about??) and its a chartreuse green- some people will hate this colour I LOVE IT
Fly - a beautiful bright teal
Pink Friday - a cream pastel pink
Metallic for life - a grey glitter

With a set of 4 it's hard to pick just one colour so I decided on two.  I used the pink on most of my nails and it takes about 3 coats to get it opaque without streaks- it's a cream consistency so it can be a little streaky.  On the ring finger for a bit of an obnoxious pop of even brighter colour I put Did it on Em, the chartreuse. Again I used three coats.

Its a lovely bright spring look, but some of the colours are definitely not for everybody. Pin It

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Belfast Shopping, Junction One CCO,

I love a day trip, a road trip where you get to sing along loudly and badly to music with your mates and then do a bit of shopping, have a bite to eat.  I mean really what more could you ask for?  I kicked off St. Patrick's weekend with a day trip to Belfast with a trip to the CCO in Junction One (I know there are plenty more shops in Junction One but I spend most of our allotted time in the Cosmetic Company Outlet).

I took some sneaky pictures of the MAC stands on my phone for you all to see what they had in stock. 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows - photos and swatches

When it comes to eyeshadow, I'm very much a one-colour-all-over-the-lids kinda girl, and if I can apply that colour with my fingers and it lasts all day, all the better. So, I've been excited about the launch of Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, as I know a lot of you have been. These are cream/gel eyeshadows which promise 24 hour wear.

They're not supposed to be on our stands in Ireland until next month but some have obviously started to trickle in as I found them in Superdrug today - I must admit I basically ran towards the stand and pounced on them in a very unladylike way when I spotted them. I picked up the shades 35 - On and On Bronze and 20 - Turquoise Forever. They cost €6.15 each and Maybelline is on three for two in Superdrug at the moment.

Apologies in advance for the crappy iPhone photos.

These swatches are one swipe - they're incredibly pigmented.
Sorry, forgot to photograph them before I dipped my paws in.
I think I'm gonna love these. I swatched them in the shop on my lunch break today, and they did not budge off my hand for the rest of the day, despite several hand-washings and me actually scrubbing at them with a tissue. I'll update with a review as to how they wear on the eyes once I give them a good testing.

What do you think? Are you as excited as me about these?
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Stila Spring 2012 - I have jewels on my eyes

As you would expect I am still grinning ear from ear after meeting the Wonderful Wizards of Stila (read about it here) not only have I been walking on air I have been calling Sile- Stila (if you were to count the words out of my mouth a large percentage of them would be Stila, Stila, Stila, Stila).  I have been keeping the dream alive by playing with some of the goodies that they kindly gave me.   Stila's  new Spring products are pretty damn amazing (have a look at the collection here) and what's more exciting is Boots will have their own exclusive collection hitting the shelves this week.

Stila has recently launched Jewel Eyeshadows which promise buildable glimmering colour and can be worn wet or dry. A lot of brands just pack shadows with glitter to create a shiny effect,  Stila has somehow created shadows which create an iridescent glow on your eyes without the grit or fallout of glitter.  These shades are not about opaque colour, it's more about the effect the shadows create. 

Lets have a look at Amethyst (here).  Amethyst is a gray/taupe/purple its a beautiful colour in the pan.
The first swatch is one swipe, then two and then three.  I think this shows how buildable the shadows are.  Ideally you need to pat these shadows onto your eye, this would minimise any fallout and apply the colour more opaquely. 

Next up is Rose Quartz (here)
Again we have one swipe, then two and finally three.  This is a sheerer shade but absolutely beautiful, the skin almost looks wet.

If you love Smudge Pots you are about to embark on a wild and torrid love affair with Stila's new Smudge Crayons.  These ingenious little products are primers, eye colours and eye liner all in one. 
It's a lot in one little product and as well as that, the staying power is fantastic and lasts all day without smudging.
You wind the crayon up but the packaging also contains a sharpener at the end so you can create a precise line.
First up is the fantastic Pink Violet ( here) the colour has a duo effect, being both pink and violet, it changes in the light, my mouth literally gaped open at the colour...its DEADLY (I was going to say BANANAS - Rachel Zoe style but I am from Dublin so we will go with deadly).

First is a thick line, proper swatch and then Pink Violet with Amethyst on top.
Rose (Here) is a beautiful neutral which you could wear every day, if you like the colour rose gold, you will need this in your life. 
First a liner, then a swatch and then with Rose Quartz on top.

I don't have sequins on my eyes- I just look magical and glimmery.  What I love about combining these products is they are quick and simple to use but create the most beautiful long lasting effect.  The first look is Pink Violet with Amethyst on top.
Next up I have Rose with Rose Quartz on top.  This look lasted on my day trip to Belfast from 7.30 am and when I took it off at 11.30 pm there was only slight smudging in the crease (quite frankly if you want your products to last longer than that, you need to get your makeup tattooed on). 

I love that this is a simple, easy and pretty look.  During the day I was complemented a number of times on my eye shadow, even by the girl who works at Stila in Boots Belfast (these products are currently not available at Boots), which of course I had to visit (they have a Stila Directors chair :) ).  So do you think you will be trying any of these products?  Sile has already ordered the Jewel Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Wizards of Stila - Today was a great day

Today was a very special day for me, I got to meet the wonderful people behind the return of Stila.  As you know I love makeup but my favourite all time brand is Stila so to have the opportunity to talk to the brains behind the return of the brand to our makeup stashes was pretty amazing. 

The morning was bright and glorious so with a spring in my step and singing along to "We're off to see the Wizard", I went on my way.  I was a little nervous and thought perhaps they were just meeting me to give me a restraining order.  I am not great when it comes to meeting people I admire (evidence of this would be the time when I met Take That, I lost the power of speech and started hyperventilating - please note this was not when I was 16, it was about 4 years ago - or perhaps the time when I met Bressie and the only words I could manage were "you're very tall" which I am sure somebody who is 6 foot 6 has never heard before) so I was anxious they would think I was a little odd (not in a good way odd). 

The Stila team are so enthusiastic about the brand and it's amazing to talk to people so inspired and excited by their work, not to mention the fact that they are truly lovely people who made me right at home and we had a great chat.  They are a talented bunch over at Stila and are geniuses at what they do (They should have their own superhero costumes).  Stila have a lot of exciting plans up their sleeve so stay tuned and make sure you sign up for their newsletter (here).

I was delighted to have a sneak peak at some of the Summer products and they are AMAZING, it's like Stila reached into my brain and picked out what I dreamed about (only better).  I keep looking in awe at my hand where the swatches are.  These will be must have products.

It was so generous and kind of them to take some time out of their busy day to meet me and give me an opportunity to bombard them with questions.

Before I left Stila (heroes) kindly gave me some of the Spring collection to try out (I checked the packaging for a hidden restraining order- and you will be pleased to know there wasn't one) and of course headed home to try them out.  I will have swatches of the products up tomorrow.   So here is my simple Stila look... but to be honest my face is beaming after meeting the amazing Stila team (The Cheshire Cat has nothing on me today). 
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

A note to Mags from her skin (and this skin is angry)
Times were good, for a while there you spoiled me - you really did I had a few months of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (two tubes of cleansing goodness) and then you ran out.  I wasn't happy, I wasn't happy at all.

At first I showed my anger by breaking out in large angry spots on your chin, spots that weren't going anywhere for a while.  I though you would put two and two together thinking that it was me (your skin) reacting badly to the other cleansers.  But you persisted saying you were going to use up the other cleansers before you bought another Cleanse and Polish.

I decided I needed to step up the attack so I broke out in dry spots in random parts of your face (to confuse you after the spots).

Don't you remember how you could remove all your makeup and cleanse your face in one easy step? Don't you remember how soft and gentle the cleanser was on your eyes and how the cloth would wipe over your lids removing all traces of make including your mascara and tight lined eyeliner without the slightest irritation to your sensitive eyes?    Remember how your tried to do the same with the cleanser your now using and ended up like a weeping, red eyed demon?  (not attractive).  You would think that after all these things you would remember how easy to use and effective Cleanse and Polish is... but no you keep saying how your going to be sensible and finish other products first.  How sensible do you look when your skin is a disaster and your makeup applies like a mask.. you look like a fool (and what do we do with the fool? we pity the fool). 

So get your act together or else I shall make your t-zone dry and put spots on your cheek (I may in fact be working on that right now).

Go on visit  Liz Earle (here) and get some... you don't like your skin when its angry.
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ja Maal Buster Lashes - Looking for Love

If you read this blog you know how I feel about my lashes, they are short and a bit crap.  Even though I have crappy lashes I don't really use false lashes that often I find them hard to apply and I have quite small eyes so often the lashes are way too big.

We were sent some lashes by Ja'Maal Buster who is Eyelash Guru to the stars (think Beyonce and Rihanna) and well if they are good enough for the stars they are good enough for me (and you - because we're worth it - toss toss).  Unfortunately I didn't have that many fancy events to attend so it was a while before I got to try them out. 

A lot of the Ja'Maal Buster lashes are OTT and full of drama (I can understand why Beyonce loves them) unfortunately as I mentioned I have tiny eyes with tiny lashes so these can make me look a little like a drag queen (and not in a good way).  On a recent night out to the dogs (the glamour of my life) I decided to give them a go.  I picked the pair "Looking for Love" as they seemed the most natural pair.
As you can see even the most natural pair are pretty full on, they are really long and dramatic.  The lashes fit well and were comfortable on my lashes, although I felt a little self conscious at how dramatic they were.
I found that the lashes are really easy to apply (although I used my own Duo Glue) which is a first for me, I would like to see a more natural lash as I thought these looked a little too dramatic for an average night out.   I wouldn't really recommend these for people with small eyes but they would be ideal for somebody with a slightly bigger eye and if you were going out someplace fancy.

The lashes are readily available from most chemists and cost approx €7.00.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mornings here, the Mornings here

It was a lovely bright sunny morning in Dublin - sure how could you be in a bad mood? I am bright and happy in the mornings, I like to sing and hum before a drop of caffeine has entered my system (in other words I can be really annoying - think Joey's singing neighbour in Friends). 

Sure a bright makeup look was required but it had to be really quick cause I was due in work (where I would sing and annoy more people).  So I decided on this golden and turquoise look.

I applied Oraculum (Baked) all over the lid and just above the crease,
I lined the top of the lid with Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Electric and then blended the shadow Alice (Painkiller) onto the 24/7 liner, then I smudged a little on the bottom lash line. The liner acts as a base for the shadow so the colour is more vibrant and it stays put all day, I love to use Urban Decay shadows because they are so buttery. Then I applied a little mascara (mascara is a must for me)
I left the lips with a sheer lip gloss.

Here is an idea of what I am like in the mornings. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lash Control Mascara

I love keeping up with new beauty trends and developments so when we were sent the New Lash Control Mascara by Cloud 10 Beauty (click Here) I was delighted - now here was the debate: should Sile who has lovely long lashes try it? OR should I try it even though I may have the shortest least impressive lashes known to human kind?  Well if we are going to test something let us try it on the crappy lashes.  And so the testing began.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour

You can tell a lot about a person by their hair and I mean more than "business at the front, party at the back".  Your hair gives a good indication of your health (or so my mam always tells me).  My poor hair has been a little ignored of late, this damn recession has me extending the time between visits to the hairdresser (no wonder people in the 80's had such mental hair). 

A few months ago we received  Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour to try out, I was a little hesitant at the time.  Firstly I had just gotten my highlights done (bad timing) and secondly it has literally been a decade since I used a box of all over colour.

Don't get me wrong I am not precious about my hair; I have gone from red to blonde to brunette to red again with a bit of accidental pink thrown in between  - after all hair (for the most part) grows back.  I have just found that highlighted blonde suits me best, I have been trying for years to emulate the hair of Jennifer Aniston or any of the Victoria's Secret models.  But its been a while since I have had the funds to get my hair done and the boxes of Avon Professional Hair Colour were calling to me.  It wouldn't be me if I just went ahead and dyed my hair!  I decided that I could use the colours as a highlights - and when I say I - I mean Sile could highlight my hair.

Just before we started I got a little nervous, after all this would be ON MY HEAD and if it was disastrous it could make things become a little "interesting" between us.  Being Sile's friend I know that she is very neat (her writing is immaculate) she always does things properly (rather than my "sure it will be grand" way of doing things) and she has gotten her hair highlighted before - so what could possibly go wrong.  We picked up a few supplies from Terri Sales (highlighting strips and a comb and brush for applying the dye) and off we set off on the adventure to highlight my hair. 

Here is a before picture of my hair as you can see I have about two inches of growth - unintentional ombre hair-

We used the Colours Light Blonde (9.0) and Ultra Light Blonde (12.01).
Whenever I am getting my hair done I am always a little conflicted if I should wash my hair or not- hairdressers say that it is better day old hair but I kinda feel a bit manky expecting somebody to do my hair, the Avon Hair colour takes the guessing out of this as the first step of the hair dye is a protector that you put all over you hair before you apply the dye, this dampens your hair and protects hair from any damage (and removes any feelings of being manky).
Here is the disaster zone mid process.  I mixed the dye myself (you could literally do this in your sleep) cause this was my idea and I couldn't blame Sile if it went wrong.  The kit is extremely easy to use and all the processes are numbered, you literally follow the steps.

We decided to use the two different hair colours to give a "professional" look but had only bought one brush - so we used a old body shop foundation brush for the second colour.
Since it was an adventure I had to wear my Goonies T shirt.
We decided on a T Bar starting at the back of my head, it was quite disconcerting hearing the usual cool as a cucumber Sile curse and have to stop to open the window all the while not really knowing what was going on. By the time we had gotten all the t-bar done the hair at the back where we had started had been on quite a while, we were worried that I would end up with a Cruella De Ville style white stripe so we washed the colour off. 

After you have washed your hair you apply the conditioning treatment. AVON you need to sell this separately - it is freaking amazing.  Usually when I get my hair done the colour has stripped my hair so the hair turns into a knotty mess- this treatment glided through my hair separating and conditioning the hair and leaving an amazing smell (which nicely covered up the aroma of blood, sweat and tears that had filled the room).  The deep conditioner has me really impressed with Avon Hair and interested to try more of their hair products.  Not only did the conditioner remove the initial knots my hair hasn't been as knotty as it would usually be after I get my hair dyed.  I cannot say how impressed I am by the deep conditioner.

Initially when I was drying my hair I though  Uh Oh it's a bit ginger (full disclosure I am half a ginger so it can come through when I am dying my hair) but after a couple of washes the colour toned down and is less ginger more blond.

Wanna see the results

You can see the different tones of the different shades of blonde coming through.

So what do I think ? 
At the start of the process you use a protector and it's a great start especially considering we left the dye on in places too long, the mixture is so easy to mix and I can not say enough good things about the conditioning treatment.  The ginger colour toned down slightly after a couple of washes and I am really happy with the end result.  If you have long or thick hair you will need two boxes of dye (which is normal for me).

Usually when I get my hair done nobody notices, I'll say cause my hair is usually fabulous - but the reality is I get a similar colour in every time so unless its something OTT people don't notice.  So nobody said "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR"  the result was natural looking highlights- I don't want to take away from the training that hairdressers do but Sile did a great job. 

[Sile here: Thanks Mags! To be honest I'm just glad I didn't completely ruin Mags' hair because it is gorgeous - literally her crowning glory. There were a few f-bombs,  it's true that I did have to open windows cause I was sweating so hard but all in all it turned out pretty well. I just did what I have watched my hairdresser do so many times, not as professionally or as speedily of course. I sectioned the hair and took very small sections of hair and 'painted' them with the dye, alternating the two colours and using the highlight strips to separate each section. If you've ever had your hair highlighted, you'll know exactly what I mean ;)]

So if you're looking to dye your own hair I would recommend the Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour which are currently on offer for €5.00 which is amazing value.  You can find a representative here.
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dupe Giveaway - the Winners!

Thanks a million to everyone who entered our Dupe Giveaway, unfortunately there can only be two winners and the lucky girls are....


Congrats ladies! We'll be in touch to get your addresses. 

If you didn't win this time, never fear cause we have another giveaway coming up real soon :)
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