Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lash Control Mascara

I love keeping up with new beauty trends and developments so when we were sent the New Lash Control Mascara by Cloud 10 Beauty (click Here) I was delighted - now here was the debate: should Sile who has lovely long lashes try it? OR should I try it even though I may have the shortest least impressive lashes known to human kind?  Well if we are going to test something let us try it on the crappy lashes.  And so the testing began.

We were given Lash Control Purple which is volmunising and conditioning.  The idea behind the mascara is there is flexible rubber tubing (the purple bit) on the tube that allows you to squeeze the mascara wand and control how much mascara is on your wand.  So no gloopy gunk on the top of your wand, the idea is so simple, it's genius.  So the more you squeeze the less product comes out on the brush - and you can build up the lashes.

I have found that when I squeeze the purple that I am controlling most of the wand but there is still a part that has a bit more product on.  Its kind of like eating a jam donut when you bite one end a big lump of jam splats on your top (yes I do that all the time).  I have actually found this works well as I can comb through and separate the lashes with the clean bit of wand and then build up the lashes all in one stroke.

A couple of years ago I was having my makeup done at a counter (yes it was Stila) and the makeup artist said "You sleep on the right side of your face". Weird- how did they know that?  Well it turns out that I have managed to lose quite a few lashes from my outer right eye from sleeping on it, (as I get older I imagine it will mean I will have more wrinkles on that side - but do you know what is more ageing than wrinkles??? LACK OF SLEEP).  So for years my right eye can be a bit bald at the outer corner (it's why you will always see my left eye in pictures).  The interesting thing is since I have been using the Lash Control Mascara I have noticed the condition of my lashes improving and I think they are growing (especially in my sleepy/bald spot) this must be down to the ingredients which include ginseng root extract, gingko biloba and chamomile flower extract. Lash Control mascara doesn't leave your lashes brittle or crispy (I hate that in a mascara).  I don't want to claim that this is a growth serum but it is gentle and conditioning (and I am not as bald).

Before - No Mascara
After:  Yes Sir I Have Lashes Now

Lets start with cons (and get them out of the way)
  • You have to be gentle with the wand. If you turn it too vigorously from the base the rubber turns (if you were the Hulk you could snap it).
  • It is on the pricier side, the mascara costs €20.00 which is middle ground for a mascara, not the most expensive but the price will put some people off.

  • It's a genius idea that is simple to use
  • It separates and coats my lashes using one pump of the tube
  • It's a lovely mascara that my lashes like very much 
  • It has improved the condition of my lashes and helped my bald spot - what's not to love about that?

If you want to check out the Lash Control Mascara just click here and have a nose around Cloud 10 which is a makeup wonderland. Pin It


  1. I twisted and turned the wand when pulling it through the squeezy bit to get a nice even coat of product onto the brush, then I didn't get any clumps of mascara :)

  2. I've never tried this!! I need to try this!! Maybe after my product ban is over....

  3. Dawnie- are you still interested in trying Lashcontrol? Check it out here:

  4. Dawnie- are you still interested in trying Lashcontrol? Check it out here:


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