Monday, March 26, 2012

Stila Giveaway In the Light **CLOSED**

What a beautiful day today has been (let's sing along to Oh What a Beautiful Morning), the sun is shining everybody is in good form what could make the day better?  A Stila Giveaway, that's what.  As you probably know a couple of weeks ago a dream came true for me and I got to meet Stila (read about it here) not only were they Wonderful Wizards of Makeup goodness, they were extremely nice and generous with their time.  But that's not all - they gave me a little pressie for you lot, meet the wonderful In the Light Palette. Read my review here

If you haven't seen Stila's In the Light Palette you're missing out on a beautiful collection of eye shadows along with (the flipping brilliant) smudge stick (this shade smudge stick is exclusive to this set).  The colours are pigmented and so soft.  If you're still undecided about The Naked Palette you should really check out this beauty.

This giveaway is open to Ireland and the UK and is open until Sunday 15th April 2012.

So if you want to win this fabulous palette you can earn three entries; all you have to do is:

Follow us on GFC (or let us know how your following the blog)
Sign up to Stila's newsletter (here)
Like Stila on Facebook (here) - if only there was a way to Love on Facebook

And for a bit of fun, what is your favourite Stila product or what have you been dying to try?

Best of luck to everybody Pin It


  1. I really want to try their smudge pots, i've just not managed to find them in person yet.

    GFC; louweevil
    Facebook; Louisa Elizabeth Llewellyn
    And signed up to newsletter.

    Lovely giveaway :)

  2. Would love to try their one step correct!

    GFC: Megan-Rose Core MUA
    Facebook: Megan-Rose Core

  3. GFC: NiamhO
    FB: Nog Ní Ghadhra
    Newsletter : :)

  4. GFC: Lee H


    FB: Lee Harpur

    Love the lip glaze's, Berry was my fav!

  5. Ive just ordered there liquid illuminator can't wait for the delivery

  6. I follow on GFC under the name Emma Bourke
    Newsletter signed up
    FB Emma Bourke

  7. I follow this blog on Bloglovin (
    Signed up to the newsletter (
    FB - Rosaleen Harrington

  8. GFC- linda callaghan
    FB- Linda Callaghan
    I love their liquid illuminator!

    Thanks for giveaway!

  9. *in a very small voice* I don't own any stila products... But this palette looks divine!

    GFC: Girlwiththeskew-earring
    Signed up for the news letter (didn't know there was one) gwtse (at) live dot ie
    FB: cindz1222

  10. fab giveaway!!!!
    GFC: Scarie ( Karie Murray)
    email: ( signed up for newsletter)
    Liked on FB: karie Murray

  11. great giveaway, I've never tried stila eyeshadows before! They look fab. I follow via GFC: Jess, I already like stila on facebook and I've just signed up the receive the newsletter! :)

    p.s my fave stila product is my only one and its a lipgloss which is amazing!! :)

  12. I follow this blog on Bloglovin -

    Signed up to the newsletter -

    FB - Denise Turner

  13. eeeekkk!!! ah some Stila love here. My favourite are their lip glazes! I have about 10 of them(or something crazy). As for an item I want to try... KITTEN!! I have just heard so many rave reviews about it. I must get my hands on it! Done the three things and going now to tweet about this great giveaway. Thanks :)

    Facebook:Marian McCarthy

  14. Dun-Dun-Dun!

    FB: Sharon M. Maguire
    email: shannairl1983[at]hotmail[dot]com

    I think I tried a sample of a Stila mascara once that my Mam gave me in a little hamper of bits & bobs one Christmas but other than that, I've never seen any of their products around so I'd love to try anything!

    Lovely giveaway, the palette looks fab.

  15. Done all
    GFC bernadette Nolan
    fb bernadette Nolan

    The lip Glaze are fab, the palette looks good though. :)

  16. GFC - Anne-Marie
    FbAnne-Marie Sexton
    Email - annemarie.sexton @

    I've been meaning to try the convertible cheek colour in peony for yonks.that palette looks lovely

  17. Fab giveaway. I follow you through GFC. I love their cherry crush lip & cheek stain and would love to try their stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm.

  18. I would love to try the smudge pots in kitten and bronze and...all the rest of them! Have Cobalt and it's the most amazing colour!

    Signed up to newsletter:

    Facebook profile: Karen McCormack

    GFC name: Karen McCormack

  19. I would love to try 'Kitten' eyeshadow.... I dont actually own any Stila products!

    GFC Confessions Of A Makeupaholic

  20. Please please please let me win this!

    I follow the blog as my fair self Claire Nolan, I liked the Stila Facebook page under the same name & I signed up to their newsletter too!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. What's GFC?

    I follow this blog via Bloglovin
    I (Dawn Dunleavy) already 'liked' the Stila Facebook page and have signed up to their newsletter.

    I love Stila's Kitten eyeshadow - it's my go-to.

  23. Done!

    I have the Mango Crush lip stain -- I really want to try the passionfruit one next!

  24. fantastic Prize

    Signed up for newsletter & Liked FB Page

    jenny Behan

  25. GFC
    Facebook Josephine M Battye

  26. GFC marion Bruton
    Facebook: Marion Bruton

  27. the palette looks gorgeous girdles! you know I follow yis everywhere and don't just like but love Stila and signed my ass up as soon as they announced the new site ;)

    I really want to try one of the twirly whirly foundations, one of their new eyeliners and allllll of the products you featured on your recent post when you met them Mags... laaaaaave :)

    Fanks for very generous giveaway :)

  28. I absolutely love the smudge pots especially the one in Kitten - i'm a complete addict!!

    Liked you on facebook and follow you: and signed up to news letter!!

    This is a brilliant prize - fingers crossed xx

  29. That smudge stick sounds like a great idea, I'd love to try it!

    Lyn Smyth

  30. I've actually been eyeing up the this palette! all the colours are stunning!

    I sub via googlefriend =)

  31. I've actually been eyeing up the this palette! all the colours are stunning!

    I sub via googlefriend =)

    Sorry If I posted twice but i forgot to leave my email:

  32. I'd love to try this palette, look fab and have trid Stila shadows before and they're great.

    GFC: jenniferq[at]gmail[dot]com
    Facebook: jenny.quigley
    Signed up to the newsletter

  33. Brilliant giveaway :) :)
    GFC: ninacarry2011 (nina)
    Goodluck everyone
    I love the stila smudgeproof eyeliners even though i only every got to try one shade :)

  34. Follow on GFC- The Yellow Sunflower
    Twitter- @SarahWhelehan

    thank you, fab giveaway!

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