Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Friends with Benefit

While Mags is a Stila Freak, I'm definitely a Benefit Girl. So many of their products are ever-presents in my daily make-up bag and loads of their products are my all time favourite of their type; Coralista is my fave blusher ever, Posie Tint is the best and prettiest cheek stain, their Creaseless Cream eyeshadows do exactly what they say on the tin, High Beam is the most natural looking highlighter ever (and was my favourite highlighter, 'til last week that is - more on that anon) and I reckon They're Real is as close to the Holy Grail as I'm going to get in a mascara. Yes, Benefit is expensive, but I actually use the products, as in use them all up, which unfortunately can't be said for a lot of other products I buy.

We were delighted to be invited along to a preview of Benefit's new and first liquid foundation Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow at an event in Brown Thomas last Friday week. The foundation sounds amazing - oil free, SPF25, brightens and hydrates, and has anti-ageing ingredients - what's not to like there? We're currently trying it out so watch out for a review soon.

Lisa Potter-Dixon, Head Make up and Trend Artist for Benefit, demonstrating the new foundation on Benefit's Gemma
Karen doing some Kung Fu with the goodie bags
Andreea and Mags
The Benefit team were all lovely and great fun. Sharon from Benefit had the most amazing glowy cheeks - seriously, they were glowing at me from across the room. We had to ask her what she was wearing - it was Benefit, but of course. She was wearing Watt's Up Highlighter with Bella Bamba on top.  So I hot footed it up to the Benefit counter and got myself some Watt's Up and it is a seriously gorgeous combo that I've been wearing almost every day since. 

Winning Combo!
Mags with Sharon and her gorgeous cheeks. Pic via the Benefit Cosmetics Ireland Facebook page.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is available now where ever Benefit is sold, and if you pick one up this month you get a free deluxe skincare sample as well as the The Porefessional sample that comes with every bottle of Hello Flawless. Check out Benefit's new Irish Facebook page for latest product launches and special offers. 
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  1. It was a great event, I'm in love with their Hervana blush!! Can't wait to try They're Real, sounds amazing!

  2. Ooh snap, my post on this is up today too! Great pics and I am enjoying the foundation even though it's not my beloved semi matte finish :)

  3. @smokeyeyesmua You have to try They're Real - I get compliments on my lashes every time I wear it! Removal is a bit of an ordeal but it's worth it ;)

    @Emma, I must confess I only managed to pick the foundation up from the post office this morning -looking forward to trying it tomorrow :)

  4. Sile try the watts up with highbeam on top of it. Absolutly amazing glow great along the bridge of the nose and cupids bow!

  5. They're Real is one of the most amazing mascaras ever! I adore it!!

  6. Just got the whats up highlighter today, love it! I use it with coralista though :)

    You girls looked amazing x

  7. Love Love Love Benefit, There Wats up is fab and i findit goes well with their new Cha cha tint it looks amazballs! Might check out their new foundation once my old one is gone. Using forever faithful MAC right now.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'd totally forgotten about that pic hahahaa Brilliant title for a post :)


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