Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I had a dream I was In the Garden with Stila

The wonderful thing about meeting the Wizards of Stila (besides them securing places on my Fantasy Dinner table, move over Steven Fry - yes they are that charming and interesting) is they showed me some wonderful new products that will be coming our way soon.  Like many beauty junkies I like to stalk browse the website (here).  Oh the pretty things that you see, some of them call to me like a siren's song.  One night I had a dream about the "In the Garden" palette.  What I found funny about the vivid makeup dream was that I was dreaming about the In the Garden palette... It's gorgeous but Stila also have released the In the moment Palette which is a purple based palette, something that I normally love because purple is very flattering on my blue/green/can't make up their mind eyes.  It would be silly to fight my subconscious and when ASOS had a St. Patrick's Day discount it would also be unpatriotic.
Similar to the In the Light Palette (read review here)  The In the Garden Palette has 10 botanical inspired shades (or garden shades).  Shades include:
•Chinois - matte white
•Breeze - shimmery beige
•Bark - shimmery taupe
•Freesia - shimmery violet blue
•Rosette - metallic pink violet
•Nectar - matte beige
•Honey - metallic bronze gold
•Sage - shimmery translucent green
•Moss - dark olive green with shimmer
•Juniper - deep shimmery forest green

The palette also has an exclusive Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Starfish (black with gold and green pearl),  as well as a 8 page look book.
The main improvement from the In the Light Palette is that the names of the shadows are printed underneath the shadows (as opposed to on the back of the palette) 

The wonderful thing about Stila's eye shadows is that they can be worn wet or dry.  The colours above have been swatched dry but you can add a bit of water to the brush to create a more intense colour.  The palette is like a watercolour palette, beautifully pigmented, soft, creamy wearable shades (I ooooo'd out loud when I swatched the colours).  It's hard for me to pick a favourite shade because even the most subtle colours (such as Bark) look phenomenal on the eyes.
Above is the Smudge stick in Starfish (smudged out and swatched). I love the smudge sticks - they are soft and blendable, if you're a fan of smudge pots they are basically a smudge pot in a stick.

I love the palette, it makes me feel like an artist, just shows you should follow your dreams (well not all of my dreams because recent other dreams have included my friend's dad being a Tea and Biscuits superhero and me running a marathon with Jared Followill from the Kings of Leon)

The In The Garden Palette costs £25.00 and is available from Stila (here) and ASOS (here) - handy if you have a discount code.  Do you think I made the right choice or should I have gone for the In The Moment Palette (here).

If you would like to try one of these palettes don't forget to enter our giveaway for a Stila In the Light palette (here).
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  1. Oh I love this palette! I love those colours! I'm definitely going to try and keep an eye out for it.




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