Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Illamasqua - Human Fundamentalism

A couple of weeks ago I went to Belfast where I bought a massive amount of beauty goodies (read about it here), since we no longer have an Illamasqua stand in Dublin I always pay a visit to the stand when I am in Belfast.  I have spoken before about how much I like Illamasqua (read about it here). They really dance to the beat of their own drum and the imagery of their collections is just breathtaking.  The Human Fundamentalism collection was just released and I picked up two items from the collection.

I picked up the Precision Ink in Scribe which is an opaque white (here).  This was an impulse purchase as when I saw it on the girls at the counter I was sold.  For many this is going to be a love or hate item but I love it (cause if I hated it and bought it- I would be stooopid).  A few different brands have released similar style eye liners  (MAC and Stila) but the white is simple yet unique. I think the colour really brightens the eye.  In addition to the eye (and the face) you can use this liner for nail art, simply seal the design you create with a top coat.

My problem with Scribe is when I apply it there is some transfer (probably my wonky way of applying the product) & some of the product ends up on my lashes.  My lashes are not long but they are curly and while it's not an issue when I am using black liner- white liner on lashes is not a good look.
I also picked up the Skin Base in Au (here) the shade is described as a Metallic Shimmer, you can use this as a foundation, mix it into your foundation or use it as a bronzer.  (Read Sile's review of Skin Base here).I can't help myself, I love the idea of multi use products.
The product is really pigmented and you only need to use the tiniest amount (no kidding - smaller than a pea- think Barbie's pea)
I used slightly too much here and as you can see it's quite dark so if you have very fair skin this might not be for you, it does have a golden gleam so in the words of Father Ted "Careful Now" or else you could end up doing the robot before you have applied your lipstick.

I swatched the colour Burst (here) a beautiful matt teal and when I got home I was raging I didn't buy it.   I tried to recreate the look here using (honestly, god knows what?) - pretty sure it was a couple of Urban Decay shadows.  Please keep in mind that this picture was taken before our glorious sunny week and looks a little more toned in this week.
So are you a lover or a hater of the white eye liner?
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  1. I "think" I like the white liner. I initially thought no seeing it plastered on the counter girls but you've shown it's actually really wearable here. I may make a purchase! x

  2. Looks good! Just remember the little trick i told you about ;)

  3. It's fabuloso on you! I'd never think to pick up white - makes me look like Kat Slater :/


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