Monday, April 23, 2012

Viviscal Hair Repair - Secret Weapon of Supermodels

When we received an email a few weeks ago about Viviscal I immediately dismissed it - I mean Viviscal, that's for bald people?  Right?  A few days later I was reading Allure magazine (God I love that magazine) and there in print was a supermodel talking about her secret weapon, Viviscal .  I mean I think it's just fair that everybody gets swishy healthy supermodel hair.

Viviscal use all natural ingredients (Amino Mar C, a marine complex as well as grape seed extract, selenium, folic acid and zinc) which work from the roots to repair and replenish dry and lacklustre hair and of course a bonus of this nourishment is the scalp is healthy and therefore the hair is healthy.  The hair is so healthy it grows like wildfire.  The idea of Viviscal is repairing from within after all there is no point using expensive hair products if the hair is not getting the nutrients that it needs.

According to Allure magazine if your hair normally grows half a inch a month Viviscal will help it grow an inch - impressive claims but when the product is loved (and the secret weapon) by supermodels and  Hollywood royalty like Reese Witherspoon you know you're onto a good thing.  

Don't be worried if you don't like taking tables (like myself), Viviscal is a small palatable tablet that gives no side effects other than amazing hair (and this is coming from the girl whose stomach thinks Pharmaton is too strong).

So how did I find Viviscal?  I was amazed by the results. I had just dyed my hair days before I started taking the tablets (which was pretty stupid of me actually). Read about that adventure here. Since we had left the dye on for (way) longer than recommended, I was expecting my hair to dry out and basically slowly disintegrate but that didn't happen.  Usually after my hair has been coloured it gets quite knotty and unmanageable but Viviscal tamed my hair and it was noticeably smoother.

The most noticeable result of course was hair growth. After four weeks my hair had grown more than an inch - my hair doesn't grow particularly fast so this was obvious extra hair growth.

Don't believe me?  Look at my nasty roots.

Before -                                after 4 weeks

I would hightly recomment Viviscal for anybody trying to grow their hair or looking to repair damaged hair.  I was so impressed with not only the hair growth but the overall condition of my hair (even when I had the flu my hair didn't knot up like usual).  As with any health supplement/ medication it's recommended you take them for 2 - 3 months before they reach their full effect but you can see the difference after 4 weeks.

If all that is not impressive enough, how about Viviscal is an Irish product (International headquarters are in Galway) and is now the best selling hair supplement IN THE WORLD.

Viviscal Hair Repair is available from leading pharmacies and health shops and costs €24.95 (for 30 tablets).  Viviscal do actually have products aimed at people with thinning hair as well as hair health/growth products, check out their wide range of products here. Pin It


  1. My God you have fabulous hair! Love it :)) xo

  2. Excellent Mags, it worked so fast!

  3. Such a gorgeous hair you have, seriously jealous :). Im trialling this too, amazed how many baby hairs popped out!

  4. Cant wait to get started on these, gonna get my hair chopped first and then start them. This is why I love blogs, actually seeing that a product works!

  5. thank you for the recommendation, I also use a great product to restore my damaged hair, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which works great and keeps my hair smooth, shiny and healthy. :D

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