Monday, April 2, 2012

Zoya Lotus

I am having a bit of Uhh Oh moment, I recently picked up a Zoya polish, and I like it, I really really like it.  The consistency of the polish is spot on and the colour choice is phenomenal.  Great for my nails - bad for my purse.  Zoya is a natural range of nail polishes which are Formaldahyde, Tolune and Dibutal Phthalate free (you may have noticed some brands advertise that they are "3 Free" Zoya is "4 Free").

I picked up Lotus from the Spring 2012 range, its a muted dusky purple which has pink shimmer running through it.  I love the colour.

 Doesn't my hand look so natural like that?

You can buy Zoya from Supernail Ireland (here) where it is €11.00 and you can also buy a limited number of colours from Beauty Emporium (here).  Beauty Emporium have revamped their site and will soon have even more brands in stock as well as extending their range of Zoya.
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  1. That's a gorgeous colour, I love the little shimmer in it. I have a lot of Zoya polishes on my wishlist but I haven't bought any yet, I am supposed to be on a polish ban (I'm presuming Essence, Catrice and polishes not paid for by me do not count) :)x

  2. That shimmer is so pretty - I've never tried a Zoya polish...

  3. That's a class colour!


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