Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Emjoi Micropedi & FOTD! (That's Feet of the Day)

A couple of years ago, there was a bit of buzz on about Pickles Ointment - a magical cream that claimed to literally make the hard skin shed from your feet. There's nothing Mags and I like more than a good beauty treatment mixed with a bit of gross-ness so of course we had to try it. There seemed to be a shortage of the stuff in Dublin (the power of!) but I finally tracked it down in a rural pharmacy and we got to work slathering it on our hooves. At first it was great when the skin started falling off in sheets in a deliciously gross way but, long story short, we wouldn't recommend you use this stuff, unless you like having tender, sore, sometimes bleeding, feet. I then moved on to using the famous Ped Egg, which was good, but hard work and I don't really like the feel of grating my skin. 


The Emjoi Micro Pedi is an altogether more gentle and effective way of removing hard skin from your feet. The Micro Pedi is a hand held battery operated gadget that comes with two roller heads covered in something similar to sandpaper (pink which is coarse and blue which is extra coarse). You simply move the head over your hard skin - a little tip here is to hold it lightly against the skin rather than pressing it in (this will cause it to stop working). You can barely feel anything, just a slight tickle and it effectively turns your hard skin into skin that is soft to the touch. Regular use of this over the summer will keep your feet in great condition for flipflops and sandals. The fact that the rollers can be replaced and are interchangeable, and that it can be washed under running water, means that the same Micro Pedi can be used by several people - my Mam is loving it too. 

At the 'press' day, we were treated to a pedicure using the Micro Pedi by the girls from Carter Beauty while chatting to the gorge Rosanna Davison. They used Zoya's 'Whitney' polish (available from SuperNail Ireland) - here's my FOTD for your viewing pleasure! There was also the cutest foot bickies!

The Emjoi Micro Pedi is available from Boots and most pharmacies, and also from the Lifes2Good site. It's currently on sale at €34.95 (the regular price is €49.90) - expensive, but worth it in my opinion. The rollers will need to be changed occasionally and they can also be purchased from Lifes2Good. 

What do you think - would you try this? What are your tips for getting your feet in ship shape for summer? 
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  1. Pickles Ointment sounds horrendous! I use baby oil and sugar :)

    1. It's awful stuff! Ooh good tip - must try the oil and sugar.

  2. I find there's nothing better than walking barefoot on a sandy beach to soften the feet. It really works!

    Since I can't get to the beach often, though, I like to use Boots 'Gorgeous Feet' Reviving Overnight Rescue at night, with socks over the top (I keep the socks on when I go downstairs in the morning, though, or my new smooth feet tend to slip on the stairs, unable to grip on the carpet)

  3. Although it does make a little bit of a worrying sound it is perfectly safe to use. If you push too hard on any area of the skin the roller slows down, or even stops, to make sure that you don't over exfoliate any areas.

  4. Have you got a woman lives of her life as much as possible, barefoot, I wage a constant battle with rough, dry skin. As for calluses, I am an over-achiever. Often I have joked with my daughter That I need to use a belt sander on 'em. Not anymore. The Micro-Pedi sends all other tools (pumice, ped eggs etc., and yes, belt sanders) into the trash.


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