Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to change your man into David Beckham in three easy steps

David Beckham. What a stunning human being - not only is he gorgeous and stylish (we shall forget about the sarong wearing and matching Posh's outfits) he also seems to be a genuinely nice guy.  It's no secret that many a woman has drooled over David but he is the kind of guy to make other fellas swoon.  James Corden has a massive man crush on David and often talks about what a beautiful man he is and who could possibly disagree.

So I have come up with a simple and scientifically* proven way to turn your man into David Beckham in three simple steps (*may not be scientifically proven).

Step 1.
Get your man some of David's snazzy new underwear line -after all David Beckham is not going to wear some skuzzy old Y fronts or comedy boxer shorts.  David wears sleek clean man pants.  These man pants will make your man feel like a sophisticated knicker wearer.

Step 2.
Brighten up his complexion by using some of David's secret weapon Stila One Step Bronze (read about it here). This is what David uses on photoshoots to look slightly bronze and glowing.  Himself didn't take kindly to this step so it involved a small amount of wrestling (wrestle mania) to pin him down and apply a small amount on his forehead (he then won the bout and I had to withdraw to my corner of the couch).

(excuse my chipped nails but I had a scientific three step programme to perform)

Step 3.
This is quite possibly the most important step - apply some of David's new fantastic man smell.  It is important we don't refer to this as fragrance to the menfolk as this might frighten them off back into the cave where they will work on making fire.  David Beckham Instinct Sport is the new man smell which is a delicious blend of fresh and musky.

The man smell is made up of

Top Notes: Ginger Ale (not beer), mandarin.
Heart Notes: Ozone, Violet Leaves
Base Notes: Cashmere, Patchouli, Sandlewood.

This is a yummy smell that starts out quite fresh but settled down to a woody masculine scent.  The sheer animal magnetism that this scent creates will draw you in and make you want to jump on him to get a smell.  Just in case your man gets a little distracted during the process the bottle is very nifty and there is a magnet in the lid that snaps back into place (it's very cool and almost distracted me from the process).

Ta da! He is now transformed into David Beckham.
So there you have it, three simple steps is all it takes to be David Beckham, I am sure that hours in the gym, genetics and completely avoiding the ugly tree have helped David only slightly - it's all about the man smell really.

David Beckham Instinct Sport is now available at an introductory price of €19.99 or £15.95. 

Disclosure: David Beckham Instinct Sport was sent to me and although himself hasn't turned into David Beckham - he is sitting on the couch watching Man V Food (who says David Beckham doesn't watch Man V. Food) but he smells gorgeous. Pin It


  1. Applying makeup on my man? No thanks! But otherwise, I enjoyed this =P

  2. Ba-rilliant post :) Himself is looking all glowedy like yer man from Twilight if he was David Beckham

  3. This post made me LOL so much I have to wrestle my other half to go into the barbers to get his hair cut!!! Will not attempt going near him with any bronzer. Unless I can get a long stick and apply it that measures father jack style!


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