Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick: Pics and Swatches

Fashion Mauve & Fashionista Pink. Aren't they gorgeous?
On our visit to Oriflame R&D, one of the products that really caught our eye was the Triple Core Lipsticks - these things of beauty have three layers - the colour, or lipstick on the outer layer, the gloss on the next layer, and finally a balm on the inner layer.

The Trend Edition version in this gorge packaging costs €8.25, and is available in five shades. There are a further ten shades available in the main line which comes in sleek metallic packaging and these retail at €14.45 each. Oriflame have special offers and deals on all the time so look out for these.

We love these lipsticks - they're so different to anything we've seen before. The balm and gloss layers mean that these are really moisturising but they certainly pack a colour punch too.

Top: Fashion Mauve, Bottom: Fashionista Pink
Fashionista Pink on Mags' bootiful lips

You can view all of the shades in Oriflame's latest catalogue here, or to order a catalogue or products, you can contact Carol at, on Twitter @CarolsOriflame or through her web page.

What do you think? Have you tried any Oriflame cosmetics?
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  1. These look fabulous, proper beautiful products!:) xx

  2. You can take it from me too, that they are really moisturising and give a great colour.
    Email me for further info at

  3. Love the packaging and the pigmentation looks fab!

  4. These look really pretty, I've never used their products before actually.

    1. I'd recommend them - anything I've tried so far has been really nice.


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