Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stila Love at First Blush

One of these days you're going to see me on TV on the programme "Hoarders" or "People with Makeup OCD".  I have a compulsion to collect all of the special edition Stila products - I realise that I don't need more makeup, for the rest of my life - it is just a compulsion I have and when the compulsion is making you buy pretty things, how bad can that be?

Stila Love at First Blush came out in the spring but I missed it on Stila's new Ireland and UK site (click here) so with a sad face I tried to move on with my life.  I was recently on ASOS buying the In the Moment Palette for a friend's birthday (here) and I saw that ASOS still had the Love at First Blush in stock.  When buying presents I tend to use the for for me. 

The blush is so pretty, it has layers of three different coloured hearts.  The top hearts are very pale and could be used as a highlight as they have a light shimmer.  The middle hearts represent the colour you achieve if you swirl the three together. The bottom hearts are a beautiful warm pink.
Blended together you get a pale pink (a little like the middle colour but with a bit more oomph).   This is a delicate colour so if you have dark skin this may not show up on your cheeks.  Usually if I am using a cheek colour I want a bit of colour to show but this give more of a subtle colour and glow, a perfect combination if you're using bright lips.  I have Benefit Hervana and it doesn't show up on my cheeks so if you're looking for a similar colour to Benefit's Hervana but with more pigment, try this.  

Stila Love at First Blush is still available on ASOS and want to know the good news? It costs £10.00 yes only TEN POUNDS (I always buy through Sterling on ASOS as I have heard it works out at a better rate). Isn't it the cutest blush you have ever seen? Check it out here.
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  1. wow this looks gorgeous!!! x
    Jess xo

  2. Ooh it's a beauty! Must have a squizz on Asos myself for an aul bargain :)

  3. I spotted this on the website, I want it sooooooo badly!!!

  4. I like your gift buying method Mags! And the blush is pretty too!

  5. It's not a bad thing! Look how pretty that blush is?! How can that be wrong!? I love it I actively encourage this shopping addiction!!!


  6. Hmm I got this recently but I ended up givint it away because it showed up way too shimmery for my taste on me z=

  7. This is so cute! Thanks for comparing to Hervana you read my mind. I do like Hervana though... and don't really need anothet but but but.... ;)

    Nic x


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