Tuesday, May 1, 2012

That's my Philosophy (to be sung in the tune of My Prerogative)

A long time ago when I was a little girl my mam used to wash my hair in apple shampoo, the smell of the shampoo lingered even as I skipped and danced wrestled and played football (what can I say, I was and still am a bit of a tomboy). You could get a whiff of apple coming from my hair - keep with me I am setting a scene here.

A few years ago I was in New York and in my quest to buy as much makeup as possible that is not available in Ireland, I picked up some Philosophy sets including a set of Amazing Grace.  The first time I sniffed the fragrance I was hooked. It's a feminine clean fresh scent - not overwhelming, not in your face, just so fresh and so clean.  The set included a fragrance and a three in one shampoo, shower gel and conditioner so you can layer the scent. 

Being a bit of a weirdo I kept the set for "Good", you know for Christmas, weddings or a visit by the Pope... afraid to waste something that was not available in Ireland.  The problem was once I cracked open the 3 in 1 I couldn't stop using it.  I was really sceptical that something designed as a shower gel would work in your hair too (maybe a shower gel could be a bubble bath but are they crazy this stuff would never work in your hair) but I was so surprised - it works as a fabulous shampoo that leaves a light fragrance in your hair (see I was going somewhere with that first paragraph). 

That was a number of years ago and Philosophy was well gone from my life until my (wonderful/deadly/talented) cousin sent my mam a set over at Christmas from the States.  She was all set to keep the set of minis for "Good" (I didn't lick that up off a stone) but I insisted that she use them - they are a glorious mix of Christmas scents).

On my annual hunt through the Christmas Sales I was only delighted to see that Arnotts now stocked Philosophy and they had the Christmas sets for half price.  I snapped up a couple because quite frankly when I smell anything from the brand I turn into a little bit of a Philosophy Junkie.

I had almost forgotten how impressive the brand is, the 3 in 1 is amazing and most of the time I would forego a conditioner just so I could get the light fragrance that is left on my hair.  (And just so you know I have longish hair and quite a lot of it - so if a product can handle my hair I AM IMPRESSED) Although the idea of using a 3 in 1 should save time in the shower I do spend quite a bit of time with my nose in the bottle - just inhaling.  Damn the products smell so good.  One of the sets (Gingerbread Girl)  had a matching body lotion, and if I was impressed with the 3 in 1, the body lotions are divine, not only do they moisturise, they nicely layer the scent - so much so that I am smelling my arm for a good part of the day.

Although normally I don't tend to buy expensive shampoos or shower gels (these cost €17.80), I am really impressed with how long the 3 in 1s last. As you can see from above I have been using Eggnog since December and it's only on its last legs now (I promise I have washed since December).  With cheap shower gels you can use half the container trying to get a scent worked up in the bathroom.  Philosophy kicks their arse. 

I don't think that Philosophy have a scent that I don't like, they have three different scent categories - Cakes (for which they kindly and cleverly have printed the recipe on the packaging) Cocktails (again they have the recipe on the packaging) and flowers (dude... flowers are flowers).  All this including their famous range of Grace fragrances.

Of course Philosophy are not just a range of bath and shower products (even though they are constantly copied) they also have a wonderful skincare range.  The brand was created in 1996 by Christina Carlino who had over thirty years of experience in the beauty industry and the products have both a beauty and scientific background.

I had bought a set of skin care (see, I told you I loved a good value set) which included their cleanser Purity which is a beautiful cleanser and so impressive -  it is the cleanser recommended for use with Clarasonic.  I was also amazed at how long the bottle lasted (I was beginning to think it was refilled at night by magic pixies).  Also included in the set was Hope in a Jar and if a moisturiser is effective enough to be recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, it's OK for me too.  Also included in the set was a sample of Microdelivery Peel which is an at-home Vitamin C peel.  I remember having mixed feelings about this product because I thought It was AMAZING but not available in Ireland, (I LOVED it but it gave me the heartache of a long distance love) so its definitely on my list.

New to the range is Summer Grace which I have smelt and LOVED - it give a slightly more summer scent to the original Amazing Grace (again it's on the list).

Philosophy is currently available in Arnotts (yeah lets do a happy dance) - check out some of their products (here) if you haven't tried any go and sniff some today (you will drool and that is a fact).

Disclosure: I  was sent Philosophy Coconut Frosting as a sample to try although I have mostly been found with my nose attached to the rim of the bottle :)
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  1. Great post, Mags, laughed my ass off at you smelling your arm though - that's EXACTLY what I've been doing with the Field of Flowers offering!

    Triplets from other Miplets, I'm telling you! ;D


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