Friday, June 29, 2012

NYC Nails Water Street Blue and Backstage Brown

NYC Cosmetics are one of my favourite ranges of nail polishes - not only do they have an incredible range of fashion colours, they only cost €1.29. 

Here is Water Street Blue which is a beautiful clear blue colour and Backstage Brown is a golden bronze.  The colours together remind me of a beautiful sea washing up on a beach (I can dream about these things).

You Likey ?

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat - Get it Today

YSL have a pretty amazing new foundation coming our way, Le Teint Touche Eclat.  YSL holds a very special place in my heart - when my big brother got his first proper pay cheque he went out and bought himself a YSL top which had YSL emblazoned on the front of it - as it's far from YSL we were reared. My father asked "What does that stand for.... You Smelly Lynch?" Lynch is our name and with my brother's fondness at the time for overdoing the aftershave the name stuck and every time he wore the top he would hear the chants YOU SMELLY LYNCH.

Being a long time beauty junkie I have been quite the fan of the Touche Eclat - maybe not for its full 20 years but not far off that- I remember asking for the "clicky concealer" only to be told by the YSL assistant that it was in fact an Illuminator.

I always have a Touche Eclat in my makeup bag - usually I like to stock up in the Duty Free where YSL do some amazing travel exclusives (seriously check them out if you're travelling).  If I am travelling I usually coerce my travel companion into buying a Touche Eclat (except if it's himself - he just gives me a time limit of approx 5 mins in the Beauty section). One of my friend's bought this and was heartbroken when she found her niece colouring in her walls with the "Pretty Pencil".

We are not here to talk about Touche Eclat and its cult status (every clicky product and stick concealer/illuminator you see today is paying it homage/a blatant copy).  Today we shall talk about Le Teint Touche Eclat which YSL have spent the past 10 years developing. It promises "The Magic Light of Touche Eclat, in a Foundation".  As a huge fan of Touche Eclat and a lover of light glowing makeup I was ecstatic to be invited to a preview of the foundation with YSL's international makeup artist Fred Letailleur (he could sell me anything with that accent). 

The foundation itself is a light fluid, for those of you who like a caked or mask look to their foundation (who are you and why are you doing this?) move swiftly along.  The foundation is free of opaque powders which can clog the skin,  they have been replaced with a soft focus gel - kinda like having your face photo shopped.  Le Teint conceals imperfections and lightens the skin with fluid light concentrate.  The effect of the foundation is natural looking, glowing skin.  It truly leaves the skin looking beautiful and since the formula is light the skin feels like it can breath but you're confident that the blemishes are covered.

The light does indeed belong to YSL - they give us a chance to have glowing radiant skin.

Le Teint has an amazing 22 shades.  The shades are organised into three families, rosy beiges, golden and natural beiges.  YSL's aim was to match from the lightest to darkest tones and to correspond with the 7000 skin tones identified in the world.   The aim of Le Teint is to create a golden complexion perfecting a warm and healthy glow.  This range of colours is an amazing step towards creating flawless skin.  I adore YSL's Perfect touch however I cant get a shade to suit me and this comes in 11 shades - with Le Teint YSL have doubled the colour options available.

 I was matched with B 40 and I have never EVER been so happy with a foundation match.  I am like Goldylocks and the foundations... some are too yellow...some are too red/ruddy.  Le Teint is PERFECT.  It glides onto my skin, covering up blemishes and along the way creating a dewy, glowy radiant finish. 

The effect of the foundation is dewy luminous skin - which is my favourite type.  As you can see below the redness and blemishes are covered but in a light and natural way.  I love the effect that the foundation has on my skin.

Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway will have Le Teint Touche Eclat from June 28th as part of a worldwide exclusive (yes that's today), it will be available nationwide from July 14th. BT are giving customers a complementary shade match and can receive a complimentary 7 day product sample.  I think when buying a foundation it is essential that you get a sample, something that looks well under the shops lighting can look all wrong when you get home.   When I am buying foundation now I insist on trying a sample (after may years of buying the wrong shade) sometimes it can be difficult to get a sample from a brand and I think this shows how confident YSL are in the product that they are offering a 7 day sample.

What makes me most excited about this launch is the price Le Teint costs €38.00 while some of you will gasp at this price I think it is amazing value ... you could think of it as the same price as  2 drugstore/chemist foundations of mismatched shades that you have sitting at home unused.  Also when you think in terms of other high end products....

YSL Perfect Touch Foundation €47.00
YSL Touche Eclat €35.50
Estee Lauder Daywear BB Cream €40.50

YSL have a brush to accompany the foundation which costs €32.00 (much better value than the often raved about MAC brushes) but honestly I have been applying this using my finger and it looks perfect.  If you want to increase the glow you can buff the foundation into the skin using a brush.  Not only do I want to high five YSL for creating Le Teint, I want to give whoever was involved in the pricing a big sloppy kiss.  In my opinion you should invest in your foundation, we can buy less expensive dupes of lipsticks and shadows but foundations cover your whole face- the face we show to the world everyday - we need to treat it with respect and a bit of tender loving care.   What YSL are doing is essentially bringing radiant glowing skin to the masses.  Head to BT to get a sample you will not regret it.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stila Passion Fruit Crush Lip and Cheek Stain - Its amazing

One of the Stila products I got a sneak peak of a couple of months ago was the Passion Fruit Crush lip and cheek stain.  When I swatched passion fruit it was love at first sight and for the rest of the day I kept looking at my hand drooling and I couldn't wait until its release with the rest of the Radiant Light Summer Illuminating Collection. 

Last week I took one of my usual trips to the Stila stand in Boots Liffey Valley (to tidy up and have a nose) and I spotted Passion Fruit Crush (OK so I rooted around in the drawers - don't judge me).  It cost €22.00 (and I just happen to have that amount on my Boots Card - score).  I know from my initial swatches how long lasting the product is (I literally showed the swatches to everybody and told them how I met Stila - I was very annoying and hyper).  You can use this on your lips and cheeks (does exactly what it says on the tin).  There is a very light passion fruit taste and scent from the product (not in any way overpowering) and the stain leaves the most beautiful colour. 

You only need a tiny amount of product one click of product will cover both your lips and your cheeks.
Stila Passion Fruit Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is available from (here).  It really is a fabulous multi use product (Stila are just so clever).
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carter Beauty Spray Tan - Rave review (so rave I should be in Ibiza)

I am not a fan of fake tan, in fact I will go so far as to say I HATE IT.  A few years ago I was a bridesmaid, for which I was informed I had to be thinner, blonder and have a tan.  During the months leading up to the wedding I joined Weight Watchers and tried just about every fake tan on the market.  The whole experience left me with a strong hatred for both Weight Watchers and fake tan - both of which I thought are the work of the devil. 

Here are some of the things I dislike about fake tan

1.  it's generally not very natural looking (especially for Irish skin)
2. the tans that develop overnight make me feel like my skin is suffocating and I will end up in a grisly death like the Bond girl from Goldfinger
3. the smell - oh sweet lord - the smell of fake tan has got to be the reason for more than a few divorces.

We were very lucky to be given the opportunity to go to Carter Beauty and try out their famous spray tan and we decided that I should go. Why me - fake tan hating me? Especially when Sile is somewhat of a fake tan expert - well we thought I would give it a thorough, almost cynical testing - plus Sile was chicken.

I was really apprehensive about getting the spray tan, during the week before I had a spray tan nightmare (who would of thought I could have dreams that specific), since I am not the smallest lady in the world I was panicking about what I should wear/not wear while getting the spray tan done.  Oh sweet jebus somebody was going to see me in my nearly nip - would they laugh?  Would they cry?  Would I faint with pure mortification?  (and would said fainting result in me only getting one side of my body sprayed?).

When I went to Carter Beauty Sile came as moral support and got her nails done (read about it here) but my "friend" also came for moral support and when I say moral support ... I mean she came to laugh her ass off at me (she knows I hate fake tan, she knew I didn't want to get naked - basically she though I would be in Hell).

There are certain things that you should/should not do before a getting a spray tan... you should do all your shaving/ hair removal the day before.  You should exfoliate in the previous days.  On the day of your spray tan don't moisturise the skin or use deodorant.

So in I went with great trepidation to be spray tanned. I was so full of nerves I walked past one of Carter Beauty's many celebrity clients three times without noticing her.  I was in a panic.  I had brought along a bandeau top to be sprayed in (I was not ready for the girls to be exposed) and had tucked my stomach into my knickers so I was ready.  Anita was the girl who would be applying the spray tan and she immediately made me feel at ease and explained that I could wear their paper knickers (paper knickers - who knew such things existed), in fact she made me so at ease I decided to leave the bandeau and just get sprayed in my knickers.  After all my panicking Anita did not blink.  Carter Beauty are famous for their spray tans - they do numerous tans every day so me and my wobbly bits weren't really what they were worrying about - the staff are more concerned with giving you an even and perfect spray tan.

Although I am not the palest of Irish girls I am half a ginger so I don't really tan -  Carter Beauty manufacture their own brand of spray tan and what is wonderful and unique is you can choose between light, medium and dark.  You can essentially have your own custom tan.  The machine sprays out the tan along with a cooling spray of air (so you don't feel like you're being jet sprayed with water).  I was directed into numerous poses (a mix between vogueing and bodybuilding poses) while I made stupid small talk (as you do) before I knew it I was sprayed (it takes between 10 and 15 mins).  I went for the medium shade (the post popular).  The tanning machine has a blow dryer that you use afterwards to dry off your tan.  The tan develops over 8 - 10 hours so its suggested to wear loose clothing and chill out and the following morning wash off the guide colour (there is a guide colour so the therapist can see where she has sprayed).

When I emerged I was delighted, the colour was beautiful, of course I wasn't going home to chill out I had forgotten I had dinner plans that evening and (much to the amusement of my morally degrading friend) I was a bit worried because it was a warm evening that I would stink the restaurant out with the smell of fake tan.  Off home for a quick change and to whip out my hair and.... well it was grand, the tan wasnt smelly and I didn't look like I had been rolled in toffee apart from the fact that I had to put on the bandeau and my squished boobs looked like they had a light layer of nutella between them.

That night I slept like a baby - skin not suffocated, nose not assaulted - and emerged like my lovely horse (fetlocks blowing in the wind) in other words I WAS A RIDE.  I am not kidding I had the most natural beautiful glowing tan.  My supportive friend ate her sneers and vowed to book in straight away for a Carter Spray Tan.  I got so many complements on the tan (lucky it was during the warm week we had) and everybody thought it was natural IT LOOKED THAT GOOD.  In fact it looks better than a natural tan, it doesn't have the ruddiness and it was more even than a natural tan.  The tan not only gave me a glowing golden tan it made my eyes brighter, my hair look blonder (and tail waggier - just kidding).  I was delighted with my legs and wore short shorts all week -even when I was at home I wore tracksuit short shorts.

I have vitiligo in my right armpit - like Michael Jackson had, although I don't know if he specifically had it in his underarm, but you know what I mean - so there is no pigment under my arm (gross fact fans: the hair under that arm also has no pigment in it) and it was brilliant because the spray tan sprays under your arm and this covered the vitalago which I am always a bit paranoid about.  When I was at home himself said to me "look they missed a bit" hmmm sorry love but that's actually a stretch mark - so what have we learned from this?  Well although the spray tan can minimise skin problems which is great about areas your paranoid about, and minimises the look of stretch marks ect it doesn't cover them up fully or mask them unnaturally (which actually makes the spray tan look more natural) and more importantly MEN DON'T KNOW WHAT STRETCH MARKS ARE (well the non metro sexual men - like my colleague in work who thinks my hair is naturally this colour haha).

Carter Beauty tell you that the tan should last up to 5 days and after that it will fade and you should exfoliate.  I found that my tan still looked fabulous after 7 days.  Even though I made a few mistakes like wearing the bandeau to bed (tight clothes can rub off the tan), the tan was long lasting.  My only fault with Carter Spray Tan is that they are a little far away from where I live ... if I was closer I  would be there every week.  I will be getting this done again (and again and again) and for the bargain price of €15.00 you should too (seriously how many of us know people who have spent three times that on a dodgy spray tan?).  I am so impressed by Carter Beauty's Spray Tan that I run the risk of gushing - so I should stop now.

Check out Carter Beauty's site here (they also stock Sleep In Rollers) or call them on Tel: 01 2103624.
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Monday, June 25, 2012

May Mystery Giveaway Winner and the Pile Revealed!

Sorry for the delay in announcing this but the winner of our May Mystery Giveaway is...

Sabrina Ryan

Congrats Sabrina! The pile of goodies above will be on their way to you soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered :-)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Sale Bargains

I had a squizz around the sales in Dundrum and Liffey Valley last week and was very restrained but I did pick up these two items. 

The glitter flats are from Oasis and I actually already had a pair of these which I paid full price for, and I also have them in black and they're really good quality flats - very comfy and they don't go all to one side like most flats do on me after a few wears. They also give you a nice bit of toe cleavage ;-) These were reduced from €37 to €19./div>

I know Orla Kiely is a bit like marmite - you either love or hate her designs. I happen to love (most of) them and when I saw 50% off signs above the Orla Kiely display in Harvey Nichols, my heart skipped a beat. Budget only allowed me to get a purse this time - it's a yellow/olive colour that is just one big pouch so I have to put another small purse inside to hold coins (my mother thinks I'm mad to pay this much for a purse that I have to put another purse inside!) but I love it. It's actually like a small clutch bag - I can put my phone in it too and it would definitely fit a lipstick or two as well. This was originally €128, reduced to €64 and I got an extra 10% off for signing up to Harvey Nic's mailing list so it ended up being €57.60. 

Have you hit the summer sales yet? What bargains did you get?
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oriflame Ori-Derm Open Day

On our visit to Oriflame R&D in Bray back in April, we also got to see their Ori-Derm facility. Ori-Derm is Oriflame's in house testing facility, where experiments are carried out to test the efficacy of products and verify the claims that the brand makes for their products - eg. what effect a conditioner can have on the longevity of your hair colour, or just exactly how much longer a mascara will make your lashes look. It was fascinating to see how they substantiate their product claims, and also really infectious to see scientists getting excited about beauty products. I mean, they know what the products can really do and if they're getting excited, it's a good sign! 

Ori-Derm are constantly looking for volunteers to test out Oriflame's new products before they hit the market. Next Tuesday, 26th June, between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, they're holding an open day which is open to everyone who's interested in finding out more about what they do. You'll get the opportunity to: 
  • Take a tour of the facility
  • Get a demo of some of their testing instruments
  • See some of their most successful products and claims
  • Join the panel to test out their new and future products and be entered into a free draw for an Oriflame product hamper
  • Have a free skin consultation using the Visia CR

There will also be refreshments and attendees will receive a free product.  They really are a lovely bunch in Oriflame - you'll definitely be well looked after :-)

You can find more information on Ori-Derm (including directions to their Bray location) here and for further information on the open day, or on becoming an Oriflame consultant, contact Carol Fitzpatrick on or @CarolsOriflame

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Current Skincare Favourites

I'd be the first to admit that I have neglected my skin somewhat in the past and never really had much of a skincare 'routine'. I've been making much more of an effort recently and it has paid dividends - not so many spots and flaky areas. I'm not sure whether to put this down to the products I'm using or the simple fact that I now actually have a routine but nevertheless these are the products I'm loving right now.

Avène Very High Protection Emulsion 50+ SPF with UVA and UVB protection for normal to combination skin*
This is my current day time moisturiser and it's fab. Review here

Vichy Normaderm Solution Micellaire
There's been a lot of talk on the blogosphere on micellar waters, in particular Bioderma Crealine H20, so I was curious to try one and picked up this one on the recommendation of the lady in my local chemist. It's formulated for imperfection prone sensitive skin and it seems to suit me down to the ground - it wipes away make up really easily and although I do usually cleanse as well after using this, if I'm being a particularly lazy bitch (ie. taking my make up off when I'm already in bed), I can use just this and my skin feels clean enough to not use another cleanser or face wash afterwards. The only thing is, I don't think it's great for taking off eye make up - rubbish in fact - has anyone found a micellar water that is? I'm nearly out of this and I would repurchase it straight away if I hadn't already bought the No7 version after seeing it on Laura's blog (I also had a €7.50 off voucher burning a hole in my purse).

Voya Cast Away face wash
I use this to double cleanse after taking my makeup off with the micellar water, and it's lovely. It smells fab, leaves me feeling squeaky clean, and doesn't lather too much, which I like. I really like Voya products in general - I like that they're Irish (and from my beloved Sligo), and use seaweed and are certified organic. I realise that quality comes at a cost but I can't get past the feeling that some of them are just a little overpriced (this face wash retails at €26). 

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover
I have repurchased this countless times and always come back to it as it's the only eye make up remover that does the job for me without temporarily blinding me in the process. The only thing it's not so hot on is removing Benefit's They're Real (Can anyone recommend a remover that takes this off easily? Preferably a budget option!)

Voya Bright Eyes* 
This is a lovely eye cream that sinks in easily and does a good job of getting rid of any dryness around my eyes. It's a light gel cream hybrid that doesn't cause any build up which is a MAJOR plus for me (have lost count of the amount of eye creams that have given me milia in the skin around my eyes). Again, this is expensive at €52 but you get 30ml of product which is a lot for an eye cream - I've been using my bottle for months and there's still about a third of it left. This is one Voya product that I would repurchase. 

Oriflame Ecollagen Plus [3D+] Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream* 
Contains a patented tri-peptide complex and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and it's just a very nice night cream. I love the texture of it - it's a really thick gel-cream hybrid that has an almost balm-like texture and it smells delish. 

PanOxyl AcneGel 10
When I do get a spot, this is what I zap it with - dries them up quick smart! 

*indicates PR sample
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lancome Rouge in Love 159B

Last week I did a little shopping. I got the advice from the very lovely Andreea from Your Beauty (go visit her here - she is one of my favourite peeps) about Lancome's new Rouge In Love Lipsticks.  These are interesting little bullets because although the colour is very glossy and smooth they are long wear lipsticks which promise 6 hours wear.  You might have seen Emma Watson looking pouty and perfect in recent Lancome adds?  Well this is her advertising Rouge in Love.

There are 24 different shades in the range but what is interesting is they have categorised them into 3 different styles:

Jolis Matins (Sweet Morning): Prêt à porter colour; fresh and wearable to bring out your playful side.

Boudoir time: Vibrant and on-trend; chic colours you can wear day-to-night.

Tonight is My Night: Rich and sexy shades for your transformation into a seductress.

I think its a nice concept to separate the shades like this, although I didn't know about it when I was buying the lipstick - I just went "OOOO pretty".

I picked up the shade 159B (the B indicating that its Boudoir time) which is the prettiest raspberry sheer pinky red.  The packaging is a sturdy silver bullet which is sleek and pretty.
When swatched the shade is unexpected - the colour appears sheer like a juicy wash but when the glossy finish fades the colour/stain really does last.  Lancome seem to have managed to turn the lipgloss stains that a lot of brands have been releasing onto its head and make it a lipstick.

I cant remember the last time I bought something from Lancome but the Rouge in Love really impressed me so I will be putting Lancome on my makeup route.

Lancome Rouge in Love lipsticks cost €25.00 and are available from Lancome counters.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bio Oil - Guest Post

Today we have a guest post from our friend Denise (everybody say Hi).  She had been trying to minimise some scars for a number of years so I had to recommend Bio Oil. This famous oil is an amazing innovation and a leader in the market of scar removal.  Take it away Denise.

I first heard of Bio Oil a few years back when Mags recommended it to me to get rid of a few scars on my tummy. So I took myself off to Boots in Liffey Valley and bought the small bottle which is 60ml. Bio Oil comes in 3 different sizes; 60ml, 125ml and 200ml.  I started to use it that very evening and twice a day after that – mainly after having my shower. I put a few drops into the palm of my hand and rub both hands together and rub it into my tummy. The oil is absorbed by the skin quickly, giving you moisturised and soft skin. More importantly it doesn’t stain your clothes!

When you purchase the oil, the box label contains information on what Bio Oil can do for you. Here are the manufacturer’s promises:

• Improve the appearance of stretch marks

• Improve the appearance of scars

• Address skin issues like aging or age spots

• Even-out skin tone

All Bio Oil packaging is totally recyclable and all paper materials are certified to be in accordance with sustainable forest management practices. No harmful emissions, hazardous waste or wastewater is generated in the production. Bio Oil and is a member of Beauty Without Cruelty International.

The oil itself contains PurCellin Oil which is a patented ingredient. It works with other ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin E, chamomile, lavender, and calendula. The product is safe for pregnant women and can be used to address stretch marks. Hormonal problems can also cause skin pigmentation, and the Bio Oil is a good solution to get rid of the spots.

The same is true with the Bio Oil reviews for scars (which is primarily why I bought it). The oil is quite effective in minimizing the appearance of scars when used as directed. A great advantage of using Bio Oil is that it has no greasy after-feel like other regular oils.   It really helped with the redness of my scars but this doesn’t just happen overnight you do have to keep using it. In turn I recommended it to a friend when she got pregnant - she used Bio Oil every day during pregnancy and is stretch mark free (although of course some people are going to be more prone to stretch marks depending on skin type, tone, elasticity and colour - in other words you can just be lucky).  To minimise stretch marks and scars its best to apply Bio Oil when the marks are in their red stage (while the skin is stretching or scaring). 
Bio Oil is not a one trick pony (although scars and stretch marks already make it two tricks) you can also use this multi tasking oil to moisturise your face. 

While out shopping to replace my empty bottle I noticed the price differs depending on what store you go to so do shop around to get the best value for your €uro. I now buy mine online from either ebay or amazon as you can get special offers and some offer free postage.

If you have scars or stretch marks I would recommend Bio Oil, it's part of my everyday routine now. Pin It

Friday, June 15, 2012

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff

I am very lucky to have brilliant friends - my bestie is the best bestie in the world she recently picked me up one of Soap and Glory's eye quads after I had been sick (bad case of the man flu).  The quad she got me was Off the Wallflowers.  I am a big fan of Soap and Glory bath products but this is my first experice of their makeup line - me likey.
You get four very creamy and smooth eye shadows in a case that is a dupe of a MAC quad.

The top left colour is Matt shade and top right is a beautiful champagne
bottom left is a dusky purple with a slight glimmer and bottom right is a bright vibrant turquoise.

I love the selection because you can create a neutral eye or neutral with a pop of colour or a vibrant eye.  From such a small quad you get great options.

A quick side by side comparison of a MAC quad beside Soap and Glory.  With MAC you can pick your own shades whereas Soap and Glory have set shades.  I wouldn't say there is a major difference in quality between the two brands.  Lid Stuff are creamy and bendable in beautiful colours - that is what I look for in an eyeshadow.  Lid Stuff are not only great for a beginners makeup bag but they also make a great addition to any collection.

Here is what I used on my face
Stila Illuminating Liquid Liquid Foundation in 30 Watt
No 7 Concealer stick
Soap and Glory Lid Stuff in Of the Wallflower
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eye liner in Chocolate Shimmer Ink
Oriflame Wonder Lash Mascara (read about it here)
and Oriflame lipstick

Soap and Glory cosmetics are available from Boots and the eye shadow quads cost £10.00.  Have you tried any of Soap and Glory Cosmetics.
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stila Set and Correct Baked Powder Trio- Stila Summer 2012

Today we have a look at another brilliant Stila innovation.  Set and Correct Baked Powder Trio is part of the Radiant Light Summer Luminate Collection.  I love Summer Makeup collections and the best Summer makeup collections always come from Stila who create beautiful natural glowing skin.

Stila were kind enough to send me a couple of items from their new collection.  I was lucky enough to get to play with The Set and Correct Baked Powder when I met with Stila and I was so excited for its launch. 

When you receive your products from Stila they come wrapped in beautiful pink paper with a Stila sticker (which I of course kept). Every purchase is like a little present.

Set and Correct is a trio of correcting baked powders that are in innovative (and flipping deadly) packaging. For those of you who dislike Stila's recyclable heavy cardboard packaging you will love the sleek black packaging of Set and Correct.

The baked powders are lightweight and correct, brighten and even skin tone.  It flawlessly sets makeup with a smooth sheer finish.  There are three complementing shades which each have a different function
  • Peach - brightens and illuminates
  • Green - minimizes redness
  • Lavender - counteracts sallow undertones
The powder contains Vitamin E and jojoba oils which have anti oxidant properties and moisturise the skin, it's also hypo-allergenic and paraben free. It is dispensed using a shaver that delivers the finest amount of product (and it's pretty cool to use).

If I am being honest I usually (NEVER EVER) use powder to set my makeup because I like a dewy finish.  I know that I should use setting powder, it sets your makeup and makes it last all day.  I have been using Set and Correct every day since I have received it, you only have to use the smallest amount of product, it doesn't look heavy on the skin and more importantly it doesn't feel heavy, my fear of having matt mask face is never going to happen with Set and Correct.  You need such a small amount I can see this product lasting a LONG time.

Below is a blended swatch of Set and Correct, it blends beautifully onto the skin and doesn't mask - just corrects.

As you can see Set and Correct doesn't cake the skin but covers and perfects gently.  I even used the powder when I got a spray tan on areas that might stick together and ruin the tan (boobs). Stila Set and Correct is available from Stila (here) and costs £24.00.  I initially thought I would like the packaging over the product but it's an everyday saviour.
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