Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Body Shop: Beauty with Heart

We were invited along to The Body Shop on Grafton Street last month to hear all about their new 'beauty movement', Beauty with Heart which is all about looking good, feeling good and doing good. Doing good is something I had always associated with The Body Shop, with its stance on animal cruelty, commitment to Fair Trade and involvement in activism. It was also interesting to learn that their products are 100% vegetarian. 

However, I must admit that it's been quite a while since I've used any Body Shop products (apart from the Nutriganics Cleansing Gel, which I lurve), in fact it was probably back in the nineties when Dewberry and White Musk were the scents du jour among the female teenage population of Dublin. It's fair to say, while still remaining true to their roots,  The Body Shop have come along way since then. We were introduced to lots of new Body Shop products on the night, including Lily Cole's new make-up collection. 

Mags getting her cheeks did.

Lily Cole Pearl |Radiance Primer
Lily Cole make-up on The Body Shop's lovely model - check out that purple liquid eyeliner.
Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes and Lip and Cheek Dome in Pinch Me Pink. I could not for the life of me take a decent photo of a swatch of the Shimmer Cubes but they are GORGEOUS, especially the rose gold colour (top right) and dark purple-y brown (top left). I'm really impressed with these and you get lots of product for your money. Each cube comes in its own individual little case so you can just carry one around with you if you like :)
Swatch of the Lip and Cheek dome in Crazy for Coral (left) and Pinch me Pink (right). These are VERY sheer - better for lips than cheeks in my opinion.
Mango Body Mist. I am loving this. It's in a heavy glass bottle which feels nice & luxe and the scent is lovely, light and refreshing. Perfect for spritzing yourself in hot weather! This would be great for holidays. I'm currently carrying it around everywhere with me and whipping it out when I feel I need freshening up. Mags has this in Satsuma which is just as lovely. 

So I'll definitely be taking a second look at The Body Shop from now on. Have you tried any of their new products? Any Body Shop gems you're loving? 

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  1. Yum this looks amazing. Havent tried any of their new products yet! So need to try!




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