Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oriflame Ori-Derm Open Day

On our visit to Oriflame R&D in Bray back in April, we also got to see their Ori-Derm facility. Ori-Derm is Oriflame's in house testing facility, where experiments are carried out to test the efficacy of products and verify the claims that the brand makes for their products - eg. what effect a conditioner can have on the longevity of your hair colour, or just exactly how much longer a mascara will make your lashes look. It was fascinating to see how they substantiate their product claims, and also really infectious to see scientists getting excited about beauty products. I mean, they know what the products can really do and if they're getting excited, it's a good sign! 

Ori-Derm are constantly looking for volunteers to test out Oriflame's new products before they hit the market. Next Tuesday, 26th June, between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm, they're holding an open day which is open to everyone who's interested in finding out more about what they do. You'll get the opportunity to: 
  • Take a tour of the facility
  • Get a demo of some of their testing instruments
  • See some of their most successful products and claims
  • Join the panel to test out their new and future products and be entered into a free draw for an Oriflame product hamper
  • Have a free skin consultation using the Visia CR

There will also be refreshments and attendees will receive a free product.  They really are a lovely bunch in Oriflame - you'll definitely be well looked after :-)

You can find more information on Ori-Derm (including directions to their Bray location) here and for further information on the open day, or on becoming an Oriflame consultant, contact Carol Fitzpatrick on or @CarolsOriflame

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