Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stila Set and Correct Baked Powder Trio- Stila Summer 2012

Today we have a look at another brilliant Stila innovation.  Set and Correct Baked Powder Trio is part of the Radiant Light Summer Luminate Collection.  I love Summer Makeup collections and the best Summer makeup collections always come from Stila who create beautiful natural glowing skin.

Stila were kind enough to send me a couple of items from their new collection.  I was lucky enough to get to play with The Set and Correct Baked Powder when I met with Stila and I was so excited for its launch. 

When you receive your products from Stila they come wrapped in beautiful pink paper with a Stila sticker (which I of course kept). Every purchase is like a little present.

Set and Correct is a trio of correcting baked powders that are in innovative (and flipping deadly) packaging. For those of you who dislike Stila's recyclable heavy cardboard packaging you will love the sleek black packaging of Set and Correct.

The baked powders are lightweight and correct, brighten and even skin tone.  It flawlessly sets makeup with a smooth sheer finish.  There are three complementing shades which each have a different function
  • Peach - brightens and illuminates
  • Green - minimizes redness
  • Lavender - counteracts sallow undertones
The powder contains Vitamin E and jojoba oils which have anti oxidant properties and moisturise the skin, it's also hypo-allergenic and paraben free. It is dispensed using a shaver that delivers the finest amount of product (and it's pretty cool to use).

If I am being honest I usually (NEVER EVER) use powder to set my makeup because I like a dewy finish.  I know that I should use setting powder, it sets your makeup and makes it last all day.  I have been using Set and Correct every day since I have received it, you only have to use the smallest amount of product, it doesn't look heavy on the skin and more importantly it doesn't feel heavy, my fear of having matt mask face is never going to happen with Set and Correct.  You need such a small amount I can see this product lasting a LONG time.

Below is a blended swatch of Set and Correct, it blends beautifully onto the skin and doesn't mask - just corrects.

As you can see Set and Correct doesn't cake the skin but covers and perfects gently.  I even used the powder when I got a spray tan on areas that might stick together and ruin the tan (boobs). Stila Set and Correct is available from Stila (here) and costs £24.00.  I initially thought I would like the packaging over the product but it's an everyday saviour.
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  1. Love the look of this and it sounds fab!

  2. ZOMG I need this in my life! I have redness, sallowness and darkness all on my face. I love that you can use the colours individually or blend them all together. Added to the wishlist!

    1. I know its such a clever product and not heavy on skin - when I got a spray tan I used this to powder my clevage and it didnt clot or ruin anthing - LOVE IT


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