Thursday, June 28, 2012

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat - Get it Today

YSL have a pretty amazing new foundation coming our way, Le Teint Touche Eclat.  YSL holds a very special place in my heart - when my big brother got his first proper pay cheque he went out and bought himself a YSL top which had YSL emblazoned on the front of it - as it's far from YSL we were reared. My father asked "What does that stand for.... You Smelly Lynch?" Lynch is our name and with my brother's fondness at the time for overdoing the aftershave the name stuck and every time he wore the top he would hear the chants YOU SMELLY LYNCH.

Being a long time beauty junkie I have been quite the fan of the Touche Eclat - maybe not for its full 20 years but not far off that- I remember asking for the "clicky concealer" only to be told by the YSL assistant that it was in fact an Illuminator.

I always have a Touche Eclat in my makeup bag - usually I like to stock up in the Duty Free where YSL do some amazing travel exclusives (seriously check them out if you're travelling).  If I am travelling I usually coerce my travel companion into buying a Touche Eclat (except if it's himself - he just gives me a time limit of approx 5 mins in the Beauty section). One of my friend's bought this and was heartbroken when she found her niece colouring in her walls with the "Pretty Pencil".

We are not here to talk about Touche Eclat and its cult status (every clicky product and stick concealer/illuminator you see today is paying it homage/a blatant copy).  Today we shall talk about Le Teint Touche Eclat which YSL have spent the past 10 years developing. It promises "The Magic Light of Touche Eclat, in a Foundation".  As a huge fan of Touche Eclat and a lover of light glowing makeup I was ecstatic to be invited to a preview of the foundation with YSL's international makeup artist Fred Letailleur (he could sell me anything with that accent). 

The foundation itself is a light fluid, for those of you who like a caked or mask look to their foundation (who are you and why are you doing this?) move swiftly along.  The foundation is free of opaque powders which can clog the skin,  they have been replaced with a soft focus gel - kinda like having your face photo shopped.  Le Teint conceals imperfections and lightens the skin with fluid light concentrate.  The effect of the foundation is natural looking, glowing skin.  It truly leaves the skin looking beautiful and since the formula is light the skin feels like it can breath but you're confident that the blemishes are covered.

The light does indeed belong to YSL - they give us a chance to have glowing radiant skin.

Le Teint has an amazing 22 shades.  The shades are organised into three families, rosy beiges, golden and natural beiges.  YSL's aim was to match from the lightest to darkest tones and to correspond with the 7000 skin tones identified in the world.   The aim of Le Teint is to create a golden complexion perfecting a warm and healthy glow.  This range of colours is an amazing step towards creating flawless skin.  I adore YSL's Perfect touch however I cant get a shade to suit me and this comes in 11 shades - with Le Teint YSL have doubled the colour options available.

 I was matched with B 40 and I have never EVER been so happy with a foundation match.  I am like Goldylocks and the foundations... some are too yellow...some are too red/ruddy.  Le Teint is PERFECT.  It glides onto my skin, covering up blemishes and along the way creating a dewy, glowy radiant finish. 

The effect of the foundation is dewy luminous skin - which is my favourite type.  As you can see below the redness and blemishes are covered but in a light and natural way.  I love the effect that the foundation has on my skin.

Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway will have Le Teint Touche Eclat from June 28th as part of a worldwide exclusive (yes that's today), it will be available nationwide from July 14th. BT are giving customers a complementary shade match and can receive a complimentary 7 day product sample.  I think when buying a foundation it is essential that you get a sample, something that looks well under the shops lighting can look all wrong when you get home.   When I am buying foundation now I insist on trying a sample (after may years of buying the wrong shade) sometimes it can be difficult to get a sample from a brand and I think this shows how confident YSL are in the product that they are offering a 7 day sample.

What makes me most excited about this launch is the price Le Teint costs €38.00 while some of you will gasp at this price I think it is amazing value ... you could think of it as the same price as  2 drugstore/chemist foundations of mismatched shades that you have sitting at home unused.  Also when you think in terms of other high end products....

YSL Perfect Touch Foundation €47.00
YSL Touche Eclat €35.50
Estee Lauder Daywear BB Cream €40.50

YSL have a brush to accompany the foundation which costs €32.00 (much better value than the often raved about MAC brushes) but honestly I have been applying this using my finger and it looks perfect.  If you want to increase the glow you can buff the foundation into the skin using a brush.  Not only do I want to high five YSL for creating Le Teint, I want to give whoever was involved in the pricing a big sloppy kiss.  In my opinion you should invest in your foundation, we can buy less expensive dupes of lipsticks and shadows but foundations cover your whole face- the face we show to the world everyday - we need to treat it with respect and a bit of tender loving care.   What YSL are doing is essentially bringing radiant glowing skin to the masses.  Head to BT to get a sample you will not regret it.
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  1. LMAO at 'YOU SMELL LYNCH' and totally horrified by 'Pretty Pencil' story :O Love your writing style Ms. Lynch :) xo

  2. Really looking forward to trying this out!!

  3. I'm absolutely furious with myself - Was in Dublin on Monday, for the first time in a month, & forgot to pickup a sample! It'll probably be September when I go back, so I'm all alone without some YSL. Looks amazing though!

  4. Cannot wait to get my hands on this! Just need a day off to get into town!

  5. Brilliant review, Mags! I think I even photobombed your photo in shadow form - oooohhhh :)

    1. It's us in tales of the unexpected mode ;)


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