Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brill Budget Bronzers from NYC

Don't you just love finding budget beauty buys that are actually brilliant products too? That's the case with these NYC bronzers which cost a teeny €3.49 each. 

First we have the Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder which is intended to give an 'all over bronze glow'. All of these colours swirled together give a really natural bronze to the skin that it would be really difficult to go over board with, even if you build it up. Not one for fans of the tanorexic look then, but great for the rest of us. The powder looks matte in the pan but as you can see, when it's applied to the skin there is a very slight sheen to it, but it's not glittery or shimmery in any way. 

If it's shimmer you're after, then look no further than Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder which I have in the shade 'Terracotta Tan'. This is actually two powders in one which can obviously be used separately or blended together, depending on the intensity of the shade you're after. As I said, there is some shimmer in them but not a massive amount, they're still very wearable. The swatches above are very heavy swatches of the lighter shade on the left, darker on the right and a LOT of the two colours swirled together with a brush on the back of my hand. Again, the colour is very buildable - you can go from Lily Cole to Kat Slater or stop anywhere in between, whatever your preference may be. 

I'm genuinely impressed with these bronzers. Ok, so you're not gettting a posh compact for your €3.49, but the actual product is great. Top marks NYC!

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