Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream

Being a busy mammy to the cutest little hurricane this side of hurricane alley, I barely have time to brush my hair let alone contribute to this blog but every once in a while I get to try a product that works well for me and Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream is one of these products. 

Human + Kind's miracle product has been developed to remedy the A to Z of family skin problems, from acne to zinc deficiency (I might be using artistic license here) and pretty much everything in between including minor burns, cuts and grazes, nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis, itching, nettle rash, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, insect bites and stings, sunburn, cracked skin, cold sores and razor burn (we have to include the men in this beauty business otherwise they will feel left out).

Luckily enough I have yet to encounter some of these ailments and if I am being honest I am very hesitant to put anything onto Baby Redser's extremely delicate skin (after all he has broken out from even the most sensitive baby sunscreens) so I always test creams on myself first.  Of course Baby Redser didn't lick his sensitive skin up up off a stone. I am liable to react to the simplest of products - yes, even the brand Simple.  I first tested the Human + Kind cream on a nasty rash that had broken out on the backs of my arms (I am not sure which part of A - Z it was but I thought I would chance my arm - literally).  I applied the cream and was delighted to see that (a) I didn't react to the cream and (b) it cleared up the rash in a couple of days.

After I knew the cream would be safe to use on me I tested a small amount of cream on the back of Baby Redser's leg (its where I test to see if he is allergic) to see was he allergic and if I could use it on him.  He didn't react at all from the cream so I was safe to put it into his baby bag (why does he get a whole bag when increasingly my space is smaller - at this stage I just put a Clinique Chubby Stick in my back pocket and go).

Even before Baby Redser came on the scene I was a great advocate of natural healing (just call me a hippy, no a white witch, - just not a yummy mummy). I have an Aloe Vera plant in my kitchen (although since the little man's arrival it has been put under a lot of stress) and love to use Arnica cream for bruises.    The Human and Kind Family Remedy Cream is full of natural ingredients and essential oils such as : Broccoli Extract  which protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation  (who knew ?), Aloe Vera  (already a favourite of mine), Marshmallow (not just a yummy treat it also soothes and calms with active anti-inflammatory properties), Rosehip Oil  (source of vitamin A, has a strong regenerative action reducing dermatitis, acne and eczema and sun burn),  Centella (never heard of it but it heals and treats scars and blemishes), White Lily (heals burns and wounds).  The cream also contains a natural anaesthetic which sooths and reduces the risk of infection.  

The cream itself is errr very creamy (what can I say it's a lovely bendable cream), it is paraben free and has no harmful chemicals - all natural goodness.  The cream does have a strong scent which will be off putting to some - I racked my brains trying to think what the scent was and all I can tell you is it reminds me of Witch Hazel - a natural herbal scent.   All you need is a light film of cream onto the affected area.  Human + Kind say the cream is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The product is dermatologically tested and allergy screened - since I did that too I can assure you its suitable for sensitive skin.                                    

Human + Kind Family Remedy cream costs €22.95 which I think will be off putting to some but since the cream  treats a myriad of ailments and a little goes a long way it ends up  being good value for money.  Human + Kind are an Irish brand which is a big bonus for me, the products are available online at and from pharmacies and health stores nationwide.


Disclaimer: PR Sample and it's Actionmags hand above - what can I say, I was too busy for pictures.
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