Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Sale Bargains Oasis - Awear - Lancome, Philosophy and Guerlain

I am obsessed with sale shopping - this is not just a recession thing, I have always loved a good sale, the recession just means that I haven't been buying anything the rest of the year.  Here is just a selection of what I bought and I can assure you that I will be going back to see if there are any bargains I have missed.

Last year when I got my iPad I really wanted a Marc Jacobs iPad case but they were even harder to get your hands on than the iPads (which had waiting lists).  I saw this bright pink case in the sale reduced from €80 to €51 (40% off). I think that in all honesty I prefer the case that I had and I was lured by the brand name.

I always go to the Oasis sale - you cant beat them for basics that will last. I bought these sunglasses which cost €12.00 (click here)  and I picked up these sandals for €12.00 (click here).

Of course it doesn't seem like I will be swanning around in sandals anytime soon. I had my eye on similar boots in Oasis earlier in the year so when I saw these Awear boots reduced from €75.00 to €37.50 they had to be mine (click here). Brilliant value for leather boots. (Just pretend you cant see the mess in the background OK).

I got this top in Oasis. I thought the colours were pretty - but since I got it I AM OBSESSED. I love the colour and the fit (click here).  Don't worry there are a few more things that I want from Oasis but I shall wait and see if they are reduced more.

As you know I love Philosophy products,  I cant say enough good things about them. Arnotts have some great bargains at the moment - Philosophy's spring range is reduced to half price so I picked up two. I told you I was obsessed. Sweet Talk three in one and the Sweet Talk Body Moisturiser - not only were they half price but I had five euro on my Arnotts card - SCORE.

Three more beauty bargains - in Debenhams I bought a Guerlain Bond type lipstick that was originally €40 (forty euro for a lipstick - sure that is mental) but it was half price and I had five euro  on my Debenhams card  SCORE.  Last beauty stop was House of Fraser where I bought two Lancome products, an eyeshadow reduced from €17.50 to €8.75 and a lipstick that was reduced from €24.00 to €12.00 and you guessed it I had a fiver on my House of Fraser card SCORE.
You have have noticed that I had three makeup SCORES (which is two more than Ireland had in the Euros). I will go into more detail on the makeup in another post.

There are a few more things I have my eye on. I'll let you know if i pick anything else up.  What bargains have you picked up? Pin It


  1. Wow what a haul, love that Oasis top!

  2. Love everything you got, you did very well :). The Marc Jacobs is the highlight for me x


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