Friday, July 20, 2012

New Collection from Clarins for Autumn 2012

Last week Clarins' International Make Up Artist, Claude Defrense was in Dublin to launch Clarins' Autumn collection, and très heureux cailiní that we are, we were there too. You can always rely on Clarins to produce luxe, covetable items, and this collection is no different. Let's have a look at some of the products with a couple of mini reviews along the way!

Ombre Minérale Eyeshadows (€18.50) - there are 16 new mineral eyeshadows in mainly soft, neutral colours with a few darker intense shades including that stand out purple (Vibrant Violet) above which Claude used to create a gorgeous smokey eye on the model. These can be used wet and dry, which we think is the mark of a good shadow. 

Intense Plum Instant Definition Mascara (€25.42) has a cool brush - the bottom section delivers volume while the top part allows you to coat every single little lash. The colour makes a very flattering change from black as well.

The 3-Dot Liner (€24.00) has been causing a lot of buzz and for good reason. I love this! As the name suggests, this is a marker style liner that has three tips, allowing you to place dots along the lash line, which you can then go over to join up in to a line.  I've been pressing it into my lash line and it does a great job of making my lashes look a lot fuller in a natural way. You can also use it in a more full on cat eye liner way. Great product. 

Skin Illusion Loose Powder Foundation is in gorgeous perfume bottle style packaging that hides a little kabuki brush in the lid. Very clever! First impressions of this light weight powder are good. 

The prettiest product of the collection, packaged in a gorgeous gold compact, is the Colour Accents Face and Blush Powder (€37.00) which can be used as an all over brightening powder, or as a blusher. Also in the collection are four new shades of Rouge Prodige Lipstick (€20.44) and a black kohl eye pencil (€15.00).

Watch out for further reviews and looks with these lovely products. 

Everything will be available in mid-August. What do you think? See anything you fancy? 
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  1. i cant imagine what the three dot liner is for! D:

  2. Clarins stuff always looks so chic and ladylike! Love Claude :)


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