Monday, July 2, 2012

NYC Bird of Paradise (NYC In Vogue - Eyeshadow) MAC Bitter and Nars Rated R Dupe

I love the brand NYC and their eye shadows are amazing value at €1.99.  Their colour In Vogue is a beautiful bitter lime/chartreuse colour.  Its the kind of bold colour that can look intimidating but you can simplify the look with just a dash of liner.  It is also a bit of a magical dupe - it works as both a dupe for Nars Rated R and for MAC Bitter.

Below we have Nars Rated R, NYC In Vogue and MAC's Bitter - while granted NYC's offering is less pigmented after one swipe, it is buildable and brilliant if you want to achieve the look without spending a fortune.

It's a vibrant in your face colour but don't be afraid (some people will find it obnoxious - I love it).  You can build up the colour from a sheer wash to full on bold colour.  Below is one swipe.
To go with the shadow I used NYC High Definition Liquid Liner which is an amazing €2.79.  This is a felt tip liner which gives a really precise line (the tip is quite firm).

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  1. Thats a colour Id never dream of buying but its lovely on you

  2. Very eye popping, doesn't look as mad on as you would think!

  3. So tempted to try this, I never wear yellow but it looks so well and would be such a change from the neutral browns that I constantly use!


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